Linda's Stuff purchase - what the heck are these? :S

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  1. So I purchased a pair of AG jeans from Linda's stuff, and found a ton of sticker looking things (?) in the weft threads of the distressing all along the front. There are like 20-30 of them.

    I don't really know plants very well, but I assume by the shape that they are buds from sort of bush or plant, but I'd love if someone else who knows can confirm, because I'm pretty grossed out by them and don't really want to handle the garment right now. Paranoid nutcase in me is worried this is something from storage.

    I'm not usually so girly, but I really wasn't expecting to feel crunchy hard things when I pulled the pants out of the box and to find so many of them. I have no idea how they missed it. :yucky:

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  2. I've seen these. I'm not sure what they are called, but they've stuck to my socks when I've walked through weeds. Maybe she washed the jeans with something else that had these burrs. I bet it will be hard to get them out of those threads. I think I would ask for a return.
  3. +1
    We call those burrs and they can be really annoying to get out of certain fabrics and dog's paws :smile:

    I have bought a few items from that seller and was very happy, but I think they have such a huge inventory that they probably don't check everything thoroughly sometimes.
  4. Oh, thank you guys for the id, that's a huge relief, haha! Clearly I don't get out enough.

    The few I pulled out with tweezers did come out without too much trouble, so I ended up just picking them out, though I did lose a thread or two after all. (Poor dog paws!)

    You are probably right that they were washed with something, whateve, because they were all up in the thigh holes, and I can't imagine how that'd happen unless someone was rolling around in weeds lol.

    I haven't had any issues with Linda's stuff before now, personally (in fact, most of the stuff I have is either mint-y or in very gently worn shape) - I do understand how some things slip by, I'm just surprised they didn't feel any of them while photographing/packaging because of how many there were.

    Anyway, knowing for sure they are in fact just plants put my mind & the squick factor at ease, I'll put them in the wash now. :smile: Thanks again!
  5. When my kids were little, they'd play in the woods, do somersaults, play hide and seek, etc. It wasn't bad for my son because his hair was short but DD must have rolled on the ground and some were so entangled in her long hair that I had to cut it near her scalp to get some of the sticky burrs out.
  6. Oh, that's so sad, her poor hair! :sad: Lesson learned, or did she take to the short hair and double down with mischief? ;)

    Now I'm rather glad I haven't seen these things around, they sound pretty treacherous. I didn't have to wrestle these out, but they were pretty small, so maybe that's why... I'll count myself lucky!
  7. Yikes.
    In Australia they're called bindi-eyes (bindii) - prickle burrs from a few species of grass that sometimes infest lawns and grassy areas and from there they get stuck into socks and clothing, pet fur and paw pads. Nasty.
    Guess your jeans had an interesting life before they came to live with you...

    And if I'd bought those jeans from Linda's Stuff and tried to import them into Australia they would have been destroyed or held for months and months in quarantine.
  8. I guess you could say she learned a lesson since it never happened again.

    We left her hair long and cut as little as possible while trying to untangle the mess. There were short sections but they weren't horrible. It looked like she tried to layer her own hair.
  9. burrs...stickers...(but not the kind that puncture you...those guys are soft)
  10. Oh, that's not terrible then - I was picturing a hair catastrophe of sorts, like a shorter haired shaggier miley cyrus or a cactus or something. :smile:

    And good gods, bunnycat, these sound like little mines. Is this mostly a southern thing? Because it seems to me like the south has everything that's bad but even bigger and meaner? Oversized scary bugs, super storms, crazy heat waves...
  11. Lol- yes probably! There are both kinds. Stickers and burrs are technically parasites. They need a host (you or your pets) to latch on to to get moved about. The pokey puncturing kind feel like fire when you pull their sorry little needle points out of your foot or fingers. Lots of cursing quickly follows. (It must also be a southern thing to run around the yard with no shoes on...) :roflmfao:
  12. Oh my.

    It looks like someone was running through the woods in those jeans. :smile: