Linda Speedy

  1. Hello!
    I found really hard to sleep lately cause when I lie on the bed I always thinking of what bag I'll buy next, from Lv,but then last night while Im thinking i think of the leather of the Linda scarf bag :love: I really really like it but i dont like the structure of the bag and its scarf so Im started to imagine that if Lv will make the Speedy with all the Linda Scarf's meterial it will look GREAT! I'll absolutly buy it, see! The shiny leather and yellow ,(black) crocodie leather as a hadle and the zip pull! I'll love it!!
    hopfully they make it:cry:
  2. that would be cute!! ahhh, dreaming of the Louis!
  3. I could never spend $3,500 on one purse. I wouldn't be able to sleep for months if I did!
  4. LOL, me neither, $3500, that's half of my downpayment for my next car.
  5. :nuts: :weird: :weird:
    well , so hope if they'll make one , that speedy shouldnt be the limited edition so the price will be just regular like others!:love: :biggrin: :nuts: