Linda Evangelista is PREGNANT

  1. Supermodel Linda Evangelista is pregnant with her first child.
    The 41-year-old is dating an unnamed New York City architect and was unable to hide her growing baby bump at a party in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday.
    The Canadian tells German magazine Gala, "I'm overjoyed. My baby gives my life a meaning."
  2. she looks so cute :heart:
  3. She's beautiful!
  4. i'm happy for her! :biggrin:

  5. Yes she does! Gorgeous in fact.. I haven't seen her in a long time!
  6. I thought she had kids, hmmm I think that's Christy Turlington though...
  7. Too bad she's not married...another unwed mom-to-be...she is pretty, but let's set some better examples here.
  8. wow she looks great!!!!!!!! that's all i have to say.
  9. she looks amazing!she'll be a perfect mommy!
  10. She looks great! Congratulations to her :heart:
  11. I've thought she was beautiful for so long!
    Good for her!

    Being a single parent isn't right for everyeone, but if you want to love and support a child and aren't married. . . who am I to say you may not be permitted to experience Motherhood.{?}
    I'd DIE w/o my kiddos!
  12. she's a perfectly capable, 41 year old adult, and certainly financially able. being married won't make you a better parent, and not being married shouldn't make you a bad example or role model. it's tough to be a single mother but I'm sure Linda Evangelista of all people will be able to find the support she needs. OT, she's 41 and she looks like THAT? hot!
  13. I agree! Yes, she isn't married but she isn't some 16 year old girl who will rely on government assistance with a deadbeat boyfriend. She is a beautiful, talented, successful, financially stable 41-year old woman. I think she is a good role model (I mean, look what else is out there for girls to look up to:shocked: ) I'm sure this child will be loved by both parents, married or not. At 41, I'm sure having a healthy pregnancy & child is more important than having a husband. Who knows, maybe they are planning on getting married!?
  14. One of my favorite supermodels! I love Linda. Oh and Kellybag, I guess since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their baby out of wedlock too it is now acceptable to be unwed and pregnant, right?
  15. wow i hope i look a tenth that good when i'm fourty...! she's stunning!

    do hope i'm done having kids by then though...waaay done, with nearly grown teens! :smile: braver woman than i, that's for sure.