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  1. I was wondering if any of you guys own the L'Impétueux handbag???
    If so how do you like it? Is it comfortable on your shoulders? Do you feel the Fab is better?
  2. Post pics~
  3. L'Impétueux

    Le Fabuleux

  4. Ack! I have to get Le Fab! I love it, no comparison,Imo.:nuts:
  5. Yes it IS a great bag. Do you prefer it in black or white??
  6. TOUGH call! I guess it depends on your climate, collection, time in your life(i.e baby or not) I will get Le Fab in a color for sure because I have black bags already. Do you have a Black bag as gorgeous? Can always use a stunning black bag like this one.
  7. The only black that I have that I actually like is the large gucci horsebit hobo in black leather. I just don't know which colort to pick in this bag. It's a tough decision for me.
  8. Well, the black is REALLY sharp! The contrast of the gold studs really pops. I love the black. The white is just decadent,Love it but have to be tooo careful with that white bag. If it gets dirty, it would bother me. I ADORE the blue shade ,like jean color....I think I will get that one next.
  9. Well you know that we would all LOVE for you to post some pictures when you get it. You always look great with your bags. And I will go to the flagshipstore in Saks tomorrow to help me make my finally decision.