"Limp" Scarves!!


Dec 13, 2009
I have bought so many scarves over the year that are just not big enough I guess and as a result look really "limp" around my neck. Ive now found some great brands (more exepnsive of course!) that I can wear that dont lose their shape and look. Are limp looking scarves simply just cheap scarves!!?


Jan 20, 2012
I have the same question! Or a similar one.

I just bought a nice black trench coat, and a nice big wool/cashmere scarf to go with it. I went through my scarf collection (some I purchased, some I inherited), and I found so many colors and prints that I think look good with the black trench. But they are not wide and some may not be of good quality.

Most of my scarfs are polyester or silk. They are either (a little) sheer or have a satin finish. Sometimes you can't tell the difference between the silk and the polyester. But the one I like the best with the coat is a little plastic-y. :P It has a great red, black & white small geometric print.

I figure I should not wear the cheap scarves, but the coat is 65% polyester (looks like lightweight cotton gabardine) and was not cheap, so why not? I don't know, I'm confused. Does anyone else wear cheap scarves? I thought about twisting it with a red wool scarf (or maybe it's poly and looks like wool :shrugs:).

The smaller scarves I could probably tie as infinity scarves and wrap around my neck and slip inside the coat, and they could look cute. Maybe. Sometimes when the edges don't show, the scarf does not look as cheap.

So I don't know. Should I give up the cheap, non-voluminous scarves, or should I try styling them with my new black trench? Do you all mix cheaper scarves with higher end pieces? What makes a scarf look cheap to you?


in the untamed rabbit hole
May 25, 2006
I don't think it's easy to tell how cheap a scarf is, especially if it's wrapped tightly around your neck, similar to old school stewardrss style. That's also how I would use my more 'limp' scarves. There are many different ways to tie the limp scarves so that it looks like a choker style, which looks nice if you have a long neck. I also really like my slightly sheer scarves b/c they brighten up and frame my face without being too bulky.

How about some pics to help get more feedback?