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May 1, 2007
I saw a Limo Sloane yesterday in BV Boutique. I'm really thinking about getting one.

If you own one or maybe can share your opinions about it, can you post it here? I always go through a complicated thought process before I buy an expensive bags. :smile:

What do you think of the shape, the color? Can you wear it with Jeans? (i heard lighter color BV can get the dye of dark clothings)


Aug 26, 2006
I don't have one, but have seriously thought about getting one. To me, it's one of the best looking bags BV makes. There are some people here that have it, so I hope you get some helpful replies.

ms piggy

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Oct 7, 2006
I don’t own one but I have tried it out in person. According to the SA, this is BV’s 2nd top selling bag worldwide after the Veneta. The bag is seamless and fully covered with intrecciato leather (including the rings). It's definitely a looker and very BV - one of the best new design from BV. To me the Limo Sloane goes perfectly with jeans (as for transfers from jeans – I have no prob thus far with my Limo Veneta as Limo is not exactly a light colour, more a medium colour). My only so-call complaint is that the shape is too casual for work (at least to me). Having said that I might get this if it comes in other interesting colours in the future.

Others have grouse about the small opening of the bag, the bulky shape, the drop from the shoulder as well as the broad strap/handle which may or may not sit well on the shoulder. I think these are quite subjective and some of the above actually changes once the bag is in use. Do try it out in person.


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Mar 1, 2006
badol, I just recently got the Sloane in Limo. My initial complaint was the boxiness of the bag under my arm but as recommended by other Sloane owners I carried it around the house with my belongings in the bag. The shape of the bag changes drastically once you place items in the bag. It takes on a different shape altogether and the drop of the bag is more flattering. As for the color Limo, I LOVE it!!!! It's not a dark color but I also wouldn't categorize it as a light color. I carried it while wearing jeans and there was no color transfer and I wore it with a black dress and also had no problems. The color is very versatile since it is neutral. I've posted an action pic so you can take a look yourself. I am a petite person so the bag may look large but I really don't think it's any larger than a large Veneta. Hope this helps you decide. IMO if you were lucky enough to find a Limo Sloane, jump on it because it won't be around for long. :tup:


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Mar 27, 2007
Chloegirl... it looks GREAT on you!!! I'm happy to see the shape of the bag has evolved for you.:drinks: We're Limo Sloane buddies now! & since it's a small world.. we may run into each other one day in the LA area~!

Badol, it's one of my favorite bags.. =) I can't lie and say you can just throw it around though.. because the color does worry me sometime, but that would probably be with any bag I buy. BUT, the shape does change after buying it.. & it's just gorgeous & soft. It's my new lap pet. haha How sad does that sound~! But, try it out at the store & see where it takes you from there. Do let us know what your decision is.. good luck :yes:
for me, among the sloane, veneta and ball in limo, the decision to go with the sloane was based on leather and practicality. i prefer limo in the nappa umbria and the veneta doesn't come in nu so that was out. i love the look of the ball but the compartments bug me so that was out.
May 11, 2007
hi badol, i had the limo sloane on trial for a few days. i loved the colour, but the bag felt uncomfortable on my shoulder. i think because it was my first BV bag, i was expecting something a little bit more classic, and perhaps i didnt give it enough time. some of the other tPFers have posted pics, and they all look truly stunning. and IMO this colour looks great either dressed down or up. hope you come to a decision soon!!!!
badol, I really love the Sloane. You really need to take the paper out and put your own items in to see the true shape. I had it in Pergamina but did not keep it because I was concerned about the light color and how I planned to use the bag. Honestly, I wish I had just kept it. I felt like I was on vacation in the Monte Carlo every time I carried it. Sorry to romanticize a bag in this way, but it just felt very chic, clean, and classic. I think it is a very versatile bag. I love the uninterrupted weave, the squared off corners on the bottom, and the woven rings. I was not bothered by the function of the bag at all. It will be the next BV bag that I purchase(or repurchase that is). Keep us posted!

chloegirl ,congratulations on your limo sloane. It looks really beautiful on you!