Limo belt

  1. Bought a limo belt this weekend with round brass buckle to match my limo bag with the exact round antique gold/brass details. I think the two together will change the look of my classic dark suits. In fact, I am traveling again for work this morning and have very dark jeans, dark grey top and light grey converse trainers on (with pink piping around) the limo belt/bag combo looks great with casual outfits as well. My sister bought a fantastic true pink tote with brass details at the same time. Can't imagine any other bag saying "summer" louder than her candy-coloured beauty!
  2. As always, where are the pictures?? Congrats on a wonderful purchase again. You sounded so chic!
  3. It sounds lovely!
  4. I love it! Sounds soooo beautiful. Yes, pictures! I've been admiring the BV belts on Bluefly lately....really, really stunning belts but I don't know why I can't take the plunge on a belt, because they are very important accessories too! Maybe you will motivate me in that direction, ebruo!
  5. I agree Marly...the belts have been beautiful on Bluefly. You just have to look at it as an investment piece. You will find many uses for it!
  6. Please post pics, would like to see what it looks like. Congrats!
  7. I think it's fab that you're matching your belt to your bag! I'm not a belt person, so this def makes me feel like I'm missing out!

    Can't wait to see pics! :popcorn:
  8. Congrats!! Cant wait to see photos!!
  9. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Its always nice when people post their successful purchases!

    (pls ignore this weird link that appears at the bottom of my posts).
    http://***********************/288100 ;)