Limiting signature size?

  1. Lately I've been annoyed by having to scroll through tons of signatures that hasen't got anything to do with the thread. It's not really such a big deal yet, but it's particularly troublesome when using a laptop and other smaller screens. Perhaps there could be a (physical) size limit on the signatures? Is it ok to let them know, or maybe alert a moderator? I don't want to ruin the wonderful mood of tPF, but sometimes this bothers me. >_<
  2. I know what you mean! :yes: Some take up a whole page or almost...

    But I guess it's just part of their 'identity.'
  3. Well you can always disable the "show signature" option in your control panel. It can be found under control panel->edit options. I have that particular function turned off, because, personally, I hate sigs.
  4. i know what you mean, also hate it. i do like sigs but not when they are huge...
  5. We had the font size limited for a while, and Vlad can enable that again- but I will ask about limiting a grafic size. I know what you all mean :yes:
  6. I don't want to turn off other people's siggys because often there's info I like to know, like teh pregnancy or weight loss tickers.
    Also, I like to see the fun quotes people find.
    but I LOATHE the massive photos and graphics, they're too distracting IMO.
    I usually notify Vlad when I see one that seems too big, you could always report a post frlom a person w/ a big siggy, we read the comments made for why teh post was reported.
  7. I agree. Some of the pics in people's sigs are massive. It's incredibly annoying. It must be a nightmare for people on dial-up.
  8. ^^ ITA. I love the personal stamp of autosigs but I don't like scrolling through ginormous photos and graphics. You can always post a link to more pics, no?
  9. ^^I would hate for something that drastic happen. Putting th keychain pic in my signature, really get the word out about them...

    I guess I just don't get that worked up, to me it's just not that hard to scroll even when I am on my SKIII.
  10. no, no one is suggesting Vlad turn off siggys.
    The poster was suggesting that if it bothers a member, they can turn off siggys for their own viewing.
  11. I'll ask Vlad if there can be a way to allow images only to be a certain size :yes:
  12. Thanks, Megs. :tup:

    (hehee, first time I get to use that smiley).
  13. Definitely agree! There are a few users here that have insanely huge signatures...
  14. There's a member on here now who has a signature picture that's 800x600 pictures. I don't want to name names, but it's awfully annoying to have 3/4 of your screen taken up just by this person's signature. Search around the LV forum - you'll see what I'm talkinga bout...
  15. Just Pm us who it is :yes: We will take it down... that is over powering for sure