Limited Selling/Listing Privledges?

  1. I recently made a new eBay account to sell some of my personal Coach pieces. I listed about eight of them last week. They wouldn't let me list more than that saying that they had to maintain a "safe trading environment" and that with more time I would be able to list more things.

    Its been a week since I listed those items, they are all now paid for and shipped out. I was trying to list the next batch but I get that notice again and I can't post listings. I used to have a different eBay account, it was about two years old and I could list 50 items at once. Does anybody know how the listing limit works? When will I be able to list more items? :confused1:
  2. i cant help w your question
    however, i read somewhere on here, saying eBay is now very strict. they even ask to prove RECEIPT on every single designer item you want to sell.
  3. The receipt is no problem, I save all of mine including the tags! =) It is somewhat frustrating to have to wait on them though! =/ I really wish I could just sell all my stuff so I can have the money! I have a BBag I've been eyeing! hehehe
  4. anybody? =/
  5. I know they have limits, but I am not sure exactly what they are. I would suggest calling the cs at eBay and ask them directly.
  6. I think the limit is once every 7-10 days. Have you tried again? If it still doesn't work after 10 days from the start of the first set, then contact live help or customer service.
  7. I don't understand what Ebay is doing but they are doing it to my account also. I have over 400 sales and only one negative that was from a buyer who didn't read the listing. I have been selling many items of Coach, LV, Dooney & Bourke, etc. and they have a limit on my account. I have called, written, etc to every dept I can and they give me the same stuff. I sure don't think it is fair that I see others that are selling fakes and many of them at a time and I can only sell 3 LV's that are authentic and with receipts for only 3 at a time. Good luck to you for getting them to change your account. I have been trying for 3 months now.
  8. They say that its random...but I don't think so. I got harassed for along time, so I wrote every day, sent pictures every day of receipts, Store location, store phone number, store sales person, and every day I complained...
    wierd..I had someone bid on one of my large Coach expensive handbags, paid, I sent it in Coach box, with Coach receipt, with Coach tissue, with Coach sticker. When they got it, they claimed they wanted to return it for NO REASON. I had not problems with that as long as it was the same as I sent it. They paid for return shipping. When it returned, it was in same Coach box, with NEW COACH GIFT TISSUE, WITH NEW COACH tag. Mine sent was silver Coach sticker, the return one was red..or visa versa. It was very wierd..but after that day, Ebay cleared me and I have had not troubles since then. My opinion is they bid occasionally and see about your items. I must have passed the test, but know that it was a very long road of proving myself, expaining my situation(I am disabled and this is my ONLY job to make money) and explaining and seinding my credit card statement which needed to be paid and the credit card statement said COACH. After all of the complaining and emails..they finally bid on something and looked at it..
    its the only bag I have had returned...and for NO REASON!!!!
    Hope you can work it out. Let me know how it goes.

    please stop posting your eBay user ID. No one here is allowed to post this.
  9. You know I had someone from ebay buy one of my items recently. They sent me an email after winning saying they are making a payment right now and that as an employee of ebay they have to disclose that info to me when they buy something from ebay. They did not return it but the limit I had went up one more bag. I can now list 4 at a time of louis not 3.

  10. Then I wish Ebay employees would buy all my items. Glad to hear you are able to sell a bit more under the restrictions.