Limited "reissue"

  1. Spoke to SA from the NY Chanel boutique this afternoon. He said the "reissue like the anniversary bags" are coming out in May or June. It will be just like the orinigal reissue but with no anniversary markings. There are only two colors available. Black with silver chain and bronze with silver chain. The quantites are very limited, they are only getting 6 pieces in each color at the NY store, and they are only available at Chanel boutiques, not department stores. There will also be matching wallets available as well. Just wanted to share this news with my fellow Chanel lovers.
  2. The bronze "sounds" pretty, it definitely has potential. Although I am not sure if I can visualize bronze with silver chain?
    I have a gray 226 and just ordered a black 227 today. I've been going back and forth for a long time and figure I'd just bite the bullet and get it before its really all gone.
    Thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. Thanks for the update/report. Bronze sounds pretty but probably very difficult to get ones hands on with the small number of them being sold. I'd heard previously that there might also have been a burgundy expected, but now your report indicates otherwise :sad: .
  4. thanks for the report!! i'm thinking about the black with silver... im so glad that is coming out! but if i already have the caviar classic flap in silver... should i try something new?
  5. Thanks for letting us know, the bronze definitely sounds interesting !
  6. I haven't seen one in bronze with silver chain. Must be gorgeous!!!
  7. Hmm. Before, I'd heard 'antique gold' -- I guess that equals bronze? But I like the colour of antique gold more, am not so keen on bronze-y things. Out of the two, though, it does sound the most interesting.
  8. what about price ranges ?
  9. it will come in the 227 and the 226 size. prices are the same as the anniversary bags.
  10. Thanks for posting all of this info., Savannnah.