Limited Rare Beauty score showed up in my mail today! (Reveal)

Camaro Chic

LVoe Hermes!
Dec 6, 2011
Southern U.S.A.
I have never seen one of these in person and didn't know anything about them, but when a friend of mine offered it to me in exchange for $800 and an extra Graphite bureau agenda I had, I couldn't say no! When I realized retail was close to 5k after tax I was in shock especially after I opened it and felt the incredible texture and saw the detail and workmanship that went into making this buttery soft stunning beauty! It's brand new.

Meet miss antheia hobo. I believe that's the name and it appears that it's a GM. It's huge. Can anyone identify the colour? Even my SA had never seen it and she was in awe. I'm in LVOE! Thanks for letting me share :love: :tpfrox:

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May 18, 2014
Republic of OneRepublic
Congrats on this beauty! You always find the best deal/rare finds! I have seen this color before once or twice on various shopping sites and they usually go for a couple Ks. Enjoy!


Apr 25, 2008
I see these frequently on resale sites -- I saw one at my LV when they were first released - - so pretty - congrats!!