Limited Porsche Boxster...or help me choose a car! :)

  1. Hi everyone! I feel like I haven't posted in the longest :push:

    The time has finally come for me to get a new car. I totaled my 06 SLK earlier in the year and have not had a car since. I've been looking at possibly getting a Porsche Cayman but am concerned that I'd miss the convertible feature my previous car had. I know a 911 convertible would be hot, but I am getting this car on my own and need to be realistic :smile: So the dealer I'm working with says he has this coming in next week and it is not yet spoken for (except by me now :wlae:).


    It is a limited edition and only comes in this orange, unless I want a regular boxster S in the normal colors. What do you think of the color? I was thinking it would be an awesome excuse to get an orange birkin :roflmfao: I think the 19'' stock black rims are pretty hot too. But seriously, in all likelihood I'd have this car for at least a few years and don't want to get tired of it. Since its limited there are only 4 coming to my area, one in each trim/transmission so I probably wouldn't see another one like it very often which appeals to me.

    Any opinions about the car itself would be great as well. Or any suggestions as to what to get are welcome. So far I've testdrove the new Audi TT, bmw 3 series hardtop convertible, bmw z4, and I'll probably testdrive a Range Rover sometime soon so I can get the feel of if I want to get something completely different like an SUV. TIA :nuts:
  2. Cute. How about an Audi? They are great cars. ;)
  3. I tested out the new Audi TT they redesigned for this year but their stock just seems to be super limited. Not just because the car is doing well nationwide, but because the dealership here, and there is only one, didn't order too many. They offered me the first 3.2 TT on the island, but it doesn't have xenon headlights, what kind of luxury car doesn't have xenon :roflmfao: I guess some people don't mind but my eyes are crap and I need them when driving at night. They wanted to charge a ridiculous amount to have them put in afterward, since I guess you're paying for the extra labor and extra parts. So unless they can offer me one with xenon lights straight from the factory I am out of luck there :cry: Ordering would take like 4 months, and I'm not sure I want to wait that long.
  4. I would go with Cayman over Boxter. Reason being, the center exhaust pipe on the back reminds me of an a$$hole. :roflmfao: How about the Cayenne SUV? I don't like Range Rovers.
  5. Oh yikes. I drive an 07' Audi it. Maybe you should look into a sedan. Either way best of luck! And when you do get a car be sure to post pics.
  6. Hubba: I have to say, I love the dog in your avatar! :heart: :roflmfao: yes it does kind of look like that doesn't it! The bf and I took a Cayman out for a little while and hands down it was the best car we drove out of all the ones we tried out. However we have yet to be able to test a boxster, since I'm such a girl and can't drive stick we are waiting for one to come in. I think the next tiptronic boxster they are getting is actually that orange one, I'm hoping I like it when I drive it so I can take it home, if not they also have a beautiful midnight blue cayman and a white one that could be mine. I would really have to get used to not having a convertible, but in the case of the Cayman it could be worth it! The dealer is trying to get me to get me to test drive a Cayenne, it might be worth it to, the turbo looks yummy :drool:

    Sweet: Thank you and I will post pics! I was thinking maybe a sedan, but I'm so stuck on little cars!
  7. I haven't test drove the Boxter you posted, but I have owned several Porsches including the Cayenne Turbo. It is hands down the best SUV out there. You get the whole Porsche driving experience. I used to only have convertibles and it is quite the transition but you get used to "regular" cars again. I do like the color combo of the blue/white Cayman. That sounds pretty.
  8. I hate the idea that Porsche even offers an automatic!! I don't care what anyone says, that car begs to be driven with a manual transmission.
    I have an it in manual trim, and I'll be your personal driver ;)

    Wait a much price difference is there between a Carrera droptop and that Special Edition Boxter S??
    *edit* NM, it's a 20 grand difference.
  9. Oh, that's definately cute! Atleast you won't get lost in a parking lot!

    I wanted the Nissan Micra CC.. the pink was a limited colour too!

    check out the number plate ;)
  10. I love the orange!
  11. Berlyn -- I have an SLK currently and I have driven the Boxster. The color combo is great -- although I wonder if you might get tired of it. That said, I believe the Boxster is faster than the SLK, so if it's speed you want then that's the way to go. Also, as you probably know, Porsches are easier to drive than they were 10-20 years ago. The clutches are much easier to manage. Are you looking for performance or something a bit more than that?
  12. My dad had a porsche in orange and to this day I am still devestated he ever got rid of it. I think it's absolutely beautiful! I myself have a 335i, not convertible, just the coupe. I love it. It's very fast and such a nice car. But I got that before I was pregnant and a two door just isn't going to work for me with a baby. So we're thinking of getting a Range Rover (you and I just have the same taste hehe). I've test drove the Range sport and Range Rover and really love the both of those, only problem is I have heard they aren't as good mechanically as other SUV's... so now I'm looking into the Porsche SUV, the Cayenne. I really love the looks of it so am kind of leaning towards that... maybe that's something you'd like to check out as well? Good luck!! Car buying decisions can be such a headache!!
  13. what about the bmw 6 convertible? I think it's really hot. Not really a fan of the boxster, not sure why but just doesn't do it for me. I do like the cayenne though.
  14. I really like the orange! We have a 911 twin turbo~ Porsche lovers are die hards, lol! We also just ordered a new Range Rover Sport Supercharged. ILuvMyHusband- we did alot of research on the RR's. Since Ford took over RR in 2003, quality has greatly improved overall. The Sport was only introduced in 2006 so time will tell on that one I guess. That's why we waited until 07 to get one. I'm leary of buying any 1st year release model. There are almost always kinks that need to be worked out next model year. Case in point, we bought the new BMW M5 when it was released in 2006. It was in the shop 3 times in the first 6 weeks we had it.. ugh!* If you really dig the convertible then I think a Boxster is the way to go. That one is an eyecatcher for sure! For an SUV, well, I love Rovers but you can't go wrong with the Cayenne~
  15. Thank you for the great advice and opinions everyone :smile:

    Omg: That pink is adorable!!! I wouldn't mind having a pink Boxster lol. I think I asked the dealer about if they had a nice pink and the answer was no :cry:

    Charles: I've heard that so many times before, I totally wish I could drive stick! The bf said he would teach me, but we don't have a manual vehicle for me to learn on. Personal driver would be nice, if it weren't a two seater ;)

    Lori: I'm just looking for something I'll be happy with. The Porsche is faster than my SLK350 was, 295 instead of 275, and I believe it is lighter since its not a hardtop convertible. I like the sound of the Porsche engine too, I found the SLK to be kind of quiet. When I drove the Cayman I was like wow I like the sound! The 335 is cool too, I liked the hardtop convertible version but its backordered for more than 3 months here.

    Ace: :drool: 911 TT.