Limited Items Not Becoming so Limited as Before.

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  1. Anyone noticed this? For the past half year, I noticed that a lot of the items are dubbed Limited and there is a rush for them but then you see them being continued to be produced. For example, Limelight Clutch (Perle) (saw it last 2 weeks at my store again! after being released abt 6 months ago), Hearts (many colours are still available after abt 2 months ago), Mahina (more sizes and colours), Cloud (more sizes and more colours), etc.

    I have a strange feeling that more RP stocks like Weekenders and Bonbons are being produced and we would see more stocks in time.

    I know LV is taking the opportunity to make more but looks like somehow I am led to believe that I should get something quickly but instead I can just wait and see.
  2. Yup...I was really annoyed when Miroir pieces kept coming out since the Miroir line was supposed to be LE. I mean I'm glad I have the first pieces so at least that's something.
    I'm *really* annoyed by the re-releases of the Inclusion colors though...the black was supposed to have multicolor crystals so you could differentiate between the old pieces and the new pieces. You can't even tell the difference in the new and old ones besides the fact that the new black ring has LVs in it and the old one doesn't...that's it.
    And now they're re-releasing beige too??

    IMO doing these re-releases will make people less anxious to buy "LE" pieces since one doesn't really know what pieces will be made again.
    I'm just glad this year's Pomme heart had different charms than mine from last year.
  3. I think you have to look at the price of the items too... Many LEs that are less expensive sell out almost instantly. The LV store here in Boston has SO many LEs on display: Gold/Silver Suhali Lockits, Black Motard Biker, Both Weekender GMs, Mahina XL and XXLs in a few colors. These are all bags that are $3,000+, not many people have that kind of money. Also look at location of the stores... I do agree with you in some sense... I don't like the idea of a "let's redo the Mahina in different colors. Or lets do the Limelight clutch in different colors." No!!! If you are going to say it's limited... stick with the first set!
  4. well i think the bon bon was rather limited. i am not sure though but i think it was like 80 per country or something like that :hrmm:
  5. I've noticed the same thing. Last fall when I waitlisted for a gold Suhali Lockit, I was told they would be very limited. Now, six months later, they are still on and Elux. It was the same thing with the hearts. I waitlisted for gold, silver, and pomme, and was told that I might not get all of them because of the high demand. Then it seemed there were plenty to go around.

    The last time I was in my store, they had the Limelight clutch in both colors, a black Motard Biker, and a Mirage Delft, among others. I've also heard that the Bon Bons were very limited, but I wonder if that will turn out to be true. I guess we have no way of knowing how many were actually produced, or whether LV will decide to make more. In a way it bothers me, because if I am paying a premium to buy the LE bags, I want them to truly be limited.
  6. Oh yes and to add to my first post, they're re-releasing the yellow and pink Inclusions apparently too.

    Same here! I wanted a Violette heart and possibly the Miroir ones. I was told I'd only be able to get one since the list was so long.
    That day I ended up getting the Violette heart and cosmetic case and the gold Miroir cosmetic case. Even now I've still seen nearly every color heart and cosmetic case in the display cases at various stores.
  7. Good thread! I totally agree, if you are paying that much $$$ for a LE piece, that's what is should!!!
  8. My LV Riveting was limited. Love that bag to pieces. Every time I go to LV in a shopping mood, I remember my Rivets and think that it's the best. It really is. Saves me a lot of money :smile:
  9. Totally Agree.

    January 08 my BH went to France and struggle to get me a Mahina XL.. and then when we return just recently, Mahina XL ( or as they called it over there Noir XL) was everywhere… lots and lots! Hummmm strange thou, but still a little annoyed that they keep releasing LE.

    On another note, The Vernis Pochette Cles (was only ment to be for Valentine) But according to my SA, in Sydney. LV will be re releasing them again! Which is good for me coz I missed out when they were first release! So its bad and good in a way, just so long they don’t go on sale or have outlets. I’m happy!!
  10. i'm really annoyed about how LV can't keep LE & Seasonal straight-Mahina Noir XL was suppose to be LE, but now it's not. Agree w/LVbabydoll, discountinued inclusions being re release bothers me too :s: Guess the only LE/Seasonal items can't be re release will be those contracted collection like Cerises, Panda, CB etc...
  11. I am not so sure abt that info bcoz I asked the store and they said they will have some stocks in again. Go figure. Looks like new batches are being made.
  12. hm... thats bad..
  13. I was upset about the Olympe line!
  14. Yep I totally agree and it really irks me so.

    If something is limited, it should stay limited. Not just limited to the people who can afford them over a 6 month to year long period.

    It all started when they released the Multicolor as limited then burst into production of all kinds of Multicolor pieces in 2003. That really annoyed me since I snapped up the coin purse and the pochette thinking it was a LE item. If I had knew then they would be making it permanent, I would not even buy them.

    I am waiting on the Watercolor Speedy because I have a sick feeling its gonna flood the market, and every other person in Singapore would be toting it around. :Push:
  15. I am worry about the Water Color also. I think LV will mass produce it. I want to wait but what if I wait then there's nothing left to buy. URGH!!!! Decisions. Decisons.