Limited Editions?

  1. Not sure if these questions had been answered in a previous thread but I did a search and couldn't find the answers.

    1) What makes a LV bag a limited edition? Limited Quantity (ex. 1000 made)? Limited Time to Buy Item (ex. January - March 2007)? Limited Areas to Buy ( ex. Japan)? Or a combo. of all 3??

    And, here's a just wondering :wondering question I wanted to add in ;)

    2) If a bag is a LE and is no longer available for sale or is difficult to attain, how much more are you willing to spend to get it??

  2. I think there have been LTD EDs that were a combo of all 3 (Panda for ex.). But mostly, LTD ED means that production was limited to a certain # of pieces and once they are gone - they are GONE. Some LTD EDs did come numbered (Eye series). I hope someone else can chime in with more info.

    For me, if a bag is no longer available and I REALLY REALLY want it, I'd pay a bit of a mark up but def. won't pay double.
  3. ^ita! although the limited amount of time to buy can sometimes be put under the seasonal category.
  4. For me, the simplest way to put it is:
    Limited amount of time the bag is produced= limited run
    Limited amount of pieces produced= limited edition

    And I believe it can be a combination of all three that you listed, including being produced only in one or a few countries (i.e. Sophie).

    And for the second question, I'd be willing to spend a bit more on getting a limited bag.
  5. First question I think everyone above covered LOL

    Second question how much would I pay it depends on the bag, how bad I want it, what condition it's in, how hard is it to get hold of,
    I will pay more than retail but it'sgoing to have to be something special to pay 2 X plus
  6. Just as Label said
  7. just as label said as well. it's addictive when you want something you can't get
  8. ITA with Rebecca on #1. On #2 I have a very similar philosophy as Label, it really depends on multiple factors, but Claire you covered most of them! LOL!