limited editions question

  1. Hey all, this could be just a dumb newbie question, but indulge me! :P

    How often does LV come out with limited editions? I just started getting into LV a couple months ago, so I haven't been around for that long...I know right now the perfo line is a limited edition, and the groom line is coming out in the fall as a limited there usually something limited edition every season?

    Just wondering! Thanks!
  2. Yes, pretty much every season they come out with a limited line:

    2001 - Graffiti

    2002 - Conte de Fees

    2003 - Eye

    2004 - Panda

    2005 - Cerises

    2006 - Perfo, Mirror

    Just to name a few.:smile:
  3. I am anxiusly awaiting word about spring's LE line...I want some girly stuff! you know where on the net I could find a comprehensive list of all LE items released since 2001 with original retail?
    I'm pretty sure I know of most of them....but since I'm trying to go back and buy almost everything from each line...I wanna make sure I don't miss something.
  4. Me too! I'm just gettin into LV, and I think it would be awesomely cool to have something LE, but the groom line isn't doin it for me, and neither really does the miroir...thinking of a perfo cles, but not sure yet...
  5. ilikepenguins, i also like the LE...
    perfo cles is cute... do you like the cerises or panda? they're cute...
    the panda is great cause it's LE made for 150th LV annivessary and it's limited in japan although some items can be found in US
  6. Thanks Irene....that is exactly what I was looking for (would love it for all of the years though!!!)
  7. Agreed!! I would love to get all of them :wlae: I heard from my SA that the Azur line will be limited as well.
  8. Not according to this sheet..I hope it's permanent..

  9. I was told permanent by 866 people as well....which is good because I can focus my $$ on LE pieces LOL