Limited Editions on Coach Website

  1. Hey all, sorry to start a whole thread just for this question, but I did a search and couldn't find the info I wanted.

    It used to be, that on the Coach website they had a specific page just of limited or special edition bags. They used to have it listed on the dropdown menus. Now it isn't there anymore.

    Does anyone know if that page still exists on there, and if so what I have to type in the search box to get it to come up? Thanks. :smile:
  2. I think if I remember correctly, at the top of the page in the search box, type in exclusive.
  3. I thought it was only certain times a year that they came out. I could be wrong, though.
  4. FYI - I just tried typing in 'exclusive' and that worked.
  5. oh good! i will have to try that when i get otu of work t:huh:! what was there?
  6. Thanks girls, I knew I could count on you to know! :smile:
  7. ah..I was wondering what happened to that limited editions page too! thanks!
  8. You are welcome!:smile: