Limited Editions, ie Cherry, Blossom, Panda

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  1. Hi LV Lovers ;)

    I just bought my first LV, a Limited Edition Panda Agenda.

    Question....will I need to take extra care so that the Panda does not
    scratch or come off?

    Or is it somehow permanently sealed in with the canvas??

    I really don't understand the canvas is, as I've always had leather items.
    Is it just a cotton canvas with some time of plastic coating?

    Thanks so much for your help!!:P
  2. The print certainly comes off overtime but only if you come in contact with it. If you want to preserve the longevity of the print, try to avoid coming to contact with the print in any way. You should get the idea.
  3. Does it come off any more quickly than the LV on the mono bags? I've lusted LE for awhile but I didn't realize how delicate they might be...
  4. ^^^^ No.

    The characters/designs are silk-screened over the canvas, and will fade slightly over time, depending on what all it comes in contact with, as stated in the above post.

    Instructions from the care booklets [with silk-screened designs on them]:

    -Avoid exposing your bag, small leather good or accessory to sunlight coz the silk-screen printing colors may fade. Bright and light colors are particularly sensitive to light, due to the pigments used.

    -When not in use, store your item in the felt pouch/dust bag provided with your purchase to protect it from dust, insects and other nasty and harmful elements..

    -Prevent your bag from humidity and keep it away from direct sources of heat such as radiators, inside of cars during summer, etc.

    -Avoid prolonged contact with any material that may transfer its color pigments onto the coated canvas (magazines, other leathers) particularly the white canvas; any color migration on the light canvas is definitive.

    -Light coated canvases are permeable to grease and make-up. Although they are easier to soil than the other canvases, they are easy to clean: you can wipe the coated canvas with a light and soft cloth.

    -In the event of a problem, do not hesitate to contact any Louis Vuitton store to be able to receive further support from the setback you are experiencing.
  5. Does anyone have a care booklet from the 2010-2011 show pieces or more specifically, the speedy fleur de jais, that's in perfect condition that they wouldn't mind parting with? It would be greatly appreciated. Let me know. Thanks!
  6. +1