Limited Editions being Re-released.....

  1. I have heard alot of LV re-releasing some of their "limited editions". Does anyone know specifically which lines? Old or recent?
  2. The Millionaires sunglasses line is being re-released, and apparently the pomme hearts also. There is a rumour about Miroir being released again but I'm not sure if that's even going to happen. There's a thread that Ginger started which discusses this...maybe have a look at that as well.
  3. Do you have a link to that thread? Sorry I don't know Ginger...can I just search on that name?
  4. Wow your puppy is cute!!! Is that a great pyrennees? Awww
  5. I would love it if the miroir speedy would be re-released. And also I must get my hands on the pomme hearts.