Limited Edition?

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  1. How would you find out if one of your bags is a Limited Edition?

    For my 18th birthday in 2006 my dad took me to the flagship boutique on Madison Ave, and let me pick a bag. It was really exciting, because it was NYC and it was my birthday and I was finally 18 and they'd just changed the floor set. I got the Soho Signature Studded Satchel style no. 6423 in Camel. I have googled this thing upside-down and all around with no results. I tried the Wayback Machine Internet Archive, but the pages available are limited and the information even more so, or I just couldn't figure out how to use it properly... :wondering:

    Could someone please point me in the right direction?
  2. Hmmm I think the item number should be five digits. Also in the inside under the square with the serial number it should say "1 of 1000" or something like that. Also you might try to search this topic on the forum.
  3. Try posting it in the ID this Coach bag thread. A picture would REALLY help!
  4. The item number is correct with 4 digits, 5 digits came into use after the 4 digits were exhausted.

    In 2005, COACH also used 4 digit style numbers that included a letter. Like the bag in my Avatar, style 8B14, Legacy Coyote Duffle.

  5. OP, I think I recall the bag you own. Am I correct with this description?

    • *Khaki Signature body & flap with grommets & studs randomly placed.
      *Brass Hardware
      *The flap has the standard Soho oval buckle that closes with a magnetic snap.
      *If this is the same bag, it was limited to select Boutiques, but it did not have an individual number or Ltd Ed on the Creed.

      IDK how to navigate the drilldown, but perhaps one of the 'DD Specialists' can chime in to help locate a pic for you.
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  7. Thank you all for your help in trying to help me learn more about my bag!!

    Yep, that's it!

    I was able to get that far, but the problem I was having with the WBM was that it only let me see the pink version and I couldn't get the individual product details to show up, which now I'm figuring are not a part of the Archive at all.


    Sorry about the crappy Photo Booth pic quality, but my digital camera is mysteriously broken and I have worse lighting than a college dorm room.
  8. I'm not going to be any help, but just wanted to say what a cute bag!!
  9. Sometimes the hangtag will say limited edition as well. VERY cute bag, btw!
  10. Thats cute! I want them to come out with something like that again lol
  11. Very nice looking. Like above, the tag will say if it is a limited edition. My ella in teal is something rediculous like 8 out of 40. But also lots of colors are limited and Coach might make 3,000 in black but only 200 in grass. Not to mention after the season is over they become harder and harder to find.
  12. That has the Famous Soho buckle...That is a very cute bag....;)
  13. The bag will mention somewhere be it on the creed or the hangtag if it is really LE. The bag in question just might be rare or limited production.
  14. that bag is adorable! i love it
  15. What a great bag. It certainly is a treasure. Lucky you.