Limited Edition

  1. Does anyone know about the limited edition chanel (this month) that just came out? It is a small bag that is only about $700.00. It seems inexpensive for a limited edition?
  2. coco any pics? ... more description ?
  3. I dont know much but there is a waiting list right now and orders have been filled. Something about a "coco collection". Done a lot of research on the web and nothing came up.
  4. I know of nothing around $700, aside from wallets
    The Coco Cabas starts at $995.
    Any more info? Sizes, colors, hardware?
  5. Any pics on the coco Cabas. Is that the new lambskin clutch? I thought $700 sounded too good to be true. This information is not reliable. I have only seen wallets for that price too!
  6. Yes, TONS of photos of the Coco Cabas, have a look around . . . the new clutch is $995.