Limited Edition Verizon Cellphone Case

  1. There is a limited edition D&B cellphone case available at Verizon stores. They have been on sale for a month or so. The picture at the Verizon website shows a new case from the IT collection. Just wanted to pass along the info since this case does not appear to be available on the dooney site. Here's the Verizon press release:
  2. I also saw it when i was walking past a Verizon kiosk! It is the cutest thing!
  3. It is so cute.
  4. Bought this tonight. I'm a Coach girl usually but because Coach doesn't have anything like this that I've seen, I decided to go look at it. They were running it at $10 off on the VZW website and the guy in the store matched the price so I bought it. Very cute and a strong magnetic closure on the flap.
  5. Cute! I wish I needed one lol.
  6. Cute!