Limited Edition *TERRA* color from LC

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  1. 1. Is longchamp apart of the Nordy's anniversary sale? I'd like to buy another backpack but not at FP :angel:
    2. Does anyone have real life pictures of Terra vs Chocolate vs Khaki? Or any of the neutral colors. I searched it in the forums and found a thread with swatches but can't find it anymore



    So, on, Terra was backordered until July 6. I ordered the black one, put "Terra" in my cart, it stayed there for a week until the day I got my black one :annoyed:

    CS from Nordys says they have no idea if/when it's coming back but they're have a restock during the Anniversary sale (23rd I believe) and that hopefully they will have it.
  2. Yes a few Longchamp items are included in the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Here is the ongoing thread in this subforum: And in the General Shopping subforum:

    Terra is not really a limited edition color. It's one of the seasonal colors that Longchamp is releasing now for fall for both the Cuir and Pliage Nylon. Several major retailers already have it in stock or feature it as coming soon. I imagine that will finish updating for fall next week or so. This is the Autumn 2016 thread: And this is the color comparison thread:
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  3. I've searched those threads and nothing pops up for the color swatches I'm referring too? I've tried on my phone and desktop
  4. Well since Terra is a brand new color, members haven't posted many photos of it. Both Terra and Chocolate are dark browns, but if you look at stock images of both, you will see that Terra is a bit cooler shade with some taupey-gray in it. They are very similar colors though. Khaki is green.
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  5. Totally agree with your descriptions. I have a very old Chocolate Le Pliage and just saw Terra in the store a couple of days ago. So I don't have a side-by-side comparison, but Terra seems maybe a half shade lighter and slightly more taupe-y. I have a khaki bag from the Neo line and it is army green. In the Le Pliage line it seems a little greener even than the Neo line.
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  6. Ty everyone! ♡
  7. I just a couple orders in terra so I'll post when I receive them ♡
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  8. Can't tell if I'm in love with it just yet... but here it is :smile:

    Inside is white, which is definitely a downside. I'd prefer a darker interior since I plan to use this as a cosmetic bag (more likely to get dirty)

    Makes me second guess the terra backpack.

    Still super beautiful in person though :smile:



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  9. What fits inside the pouch:



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