Limited Edition Silver Horse Keychain 2007

  1. Just a little update. I saw a picture of this. The figurine of the horse is one that is on it's hind legs. Both front legs are up in the air. It's the top of the head that it attached to the keychain. When I saw the picture ... I immediately thought of DQ and hello2703 :p I don't know anything about horses ... do horses stand on their hind legs when they are happy? Or when they are mad? I'm sure the keychain is to symbolise the Year of Dance, which is the theme this year. I am going to get this keychain simply because my DH is born in the year of the Fire Horse 1966.
  2. Oh, MRSS.......I'd LOVE to see a pic! I was dissapointed in the cadena for this year but the keychain sounds beautiful!!!!!
  3. woo I want to see it!!!!
    thx for the heads up mrss!!
  4. D, I think you'll need to see the real thing to decide for yourself. Funnily enough, I'd just the opposite reaction from you regarding the cadena, remember? When I saw the picture, it was ho hum for me. It didn't make me jump out of my seat.

    There is another keychain for SS2007. It's that of a dice. The dots are black. I cannot comprehend what it has got to do with the dance theme.

    PBC, I think you need to get the dice keychain for your DH ;)
  5. Oh I want to see that key chain!!!
    Horses stand on their hindlegs for many reasons, when they play, when they fight, when they are frightened, when they want to get rid of their rider, when they want to get out of doing something that they're asked to do. With stallions it's an 'imposing' behaviour, that's why the standing on the hind legs is mostly associated with stallions. Mares do it too but it is actually 'safer' to sit on a rising stallion or gelding because they got to 'practice' it in kindergarten and therefore have a better sense of balance when they do it. I digress, right? Oh well....

  6. I think we know why they raise their forelegs:smile:
  7. Oh I really want to see it, sounds great!
  8. Does it ONLY come in silver hardware? None of my bags are silver hardware at the moment ...

  9. :lol: :blush: Okay - just spilled my coffee....

  10. :lol: :blush: Okay - just spilled my coffee....
  11. lol, GK!!!!

    mrs s -- sounds lovely! does it look like this, sans rider?

  12. Oh, how great to see that Pic, DQ. This is petunias best move, LOL!
    This sounds very intriguing!

  13. It does look like that, sans rider. I got mine yesterday in the mail. My sweet SA tracked it down for me. It came in the most adorable H box and a really nice pouch. It is my first Hermes keychain.
  14. thanks, nathansgirl! i'd love to see a pic if you've got a litte spare time some evening. though of course i already left my SA a message begging him to chase one down for me . . . .
  15. I will try DQ. I have been so lazy lately. I have another purchase I need to post a pic of anyway. Gotta find that digital camera though this evening.