... Limited edition scarves for Chicago and NYC

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  1. My SA has informed me that there will be two limited-edition scarves released in the USA this year:

    Chicago is celebrating getting a new store. The special scarf to be issued in the summer will be Le Clerc's "Paddock" in four colors: purple, fuschia, charcoal grey, and ivory.

    New York is celebrating the annivesary of the NYC store. The special scarf to be issued in the fall will be Kermit Oliver "Madison Avenue" scarf. The scarf will be the full color version of the original (not the finesse). The ivory background will have four colors for the border: red, black, brown, and purple.

    Both scarves will be printed in small quantity, so get on the list if you want these...
  2. Thanks for the info. scarfmischief1
  3. ScarfMischief, thank you for the information, I'm not at all excited about Paddock for our new store. Le sigh.
  4. Look forward to the pics, thanks for the info
  5. scarfmischief - i hv a soft spot for silks :love: and both designs look great, can imagine paddocks in charcoal grey and a coloured madison avenue. thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. txs for the intel^^ too!!~
  8. Scarfmischief I'll be in NY at the end of March, do you think it will be late to have one of them????:thinking:
  9. ^ birkinmary, the NYC scarves are coming out in the Fall. I would call the NYC store and ask to be put on the list.
  10. I'll do it!!! any pics to share?
  11. ^ no, no pics yet, sorry!
  12. scarfmischief1 hopefully we'll have the pics very soon, thanks for share :heart:
  13. Thanks scarfmischief1!

    Would you know if I have to call the current Chicago store to be put on the list?
  14. ^ i would assume yes.
  15. any price info???