Limited Edition Saddles are here ..yes 12 saddle *PICS*

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  1. OMG OMG OMG those are TDF .. i opened my local (arabic) magazine and saw them and was :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: nowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ...


    japan .. china .. mexico..argentina..russia..india...egypt..england..spain.. french..morocco..USA .. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

    Girls hold ON ... few min's .. i'll pic and upload them ...

  2. this is Spain ... as its written in the description ( silk flower embroideries, inspired from the flamengo scarf used by spanish dancers.. handle and dangling D are made of the elephant white teeth lok alike thingy, that i cant translate at the moment LOL:roflmfao: )
  3. OH MY GOD! CHLOE YOU'RE THE BEST!!:balloon::happydance:
    that spain one is TDF!!!!! :drool::drool:
  4. yet 11 more to come :yahoo: wait .. USA is next
  5. Oh my...the Spain one is so pretty.
  6. this is USA .. white basic saddle with silver stars that are inspired from the US flag ..

    note: the black handles from bottom are england's handles..
  7. this is Russia .. i guess its basic denim with luxurious embroideries and fur trimming ..
  8. this is England .. basic black saddle decorated with royal pearlish buttons
  9. India, Japan, France and China are next :biggrin::yahoo:
  10. this is India .. *Bollywood* .. made of Punky Fucshia Satin, heavily embroidered with famous indian embroidories .. << 3:heart:
  11. these are tdf! keep 'em coming!
  12. this is Japan .. black satin decorated with Kimono in the middle and the famous japanese symbol dangling from both sides ...
  13. wow, thats so nice of you to upload them!! they are too cute.. thanks!
  14. this is France .. white basic saddle decorated with Bordeaux French nature inspiration, precius stones are added on the dangling D as well ...
    Galiano was mainly inspired by Marie Antoinette gardens when creating this bag ..

    OMG i love the pearly handle
  15. newaddiction .. my pleasure sweet heart =) tPF girls was the 1st thing popped on my mind when i saw them :love: