LImited Edition Reveal

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  1. Anyone around for my pre-owned Limited Edition reveal?
  2. I'm here
  3. Here!
  4. Here!!
  5. Here!
  6. image-3030696478.jpg

    My new to me DE illustre zippy wallet :smile:
  7. Very cool!!
  8. Congratulations
  9. I love that wallet. Enjoy it!! :smile:
  10. Very nice, congrats!
  11. image-544294413.jpg

    My favorite color inside :smile:
  12. image-3172349941.jpg

    And here it is with my new Portabello GM. This is my first DE bag, so I HAD to get a matching wallet!
  13. very nice - looks great with your Portabello - Congrats!!
  14. what a great combo
  15. Love the wallet...the interior is gorgeous! It looks great with your new bag...and of course you had to get a matching wallet, makes sense to me!!! Congrats to you :smile: