Limited Edition Ramona..... Only 60 Made!!!!!!

  1. Anyways, if anyone is interested, be sure to call Casey Immediately! 312-255-1170
    Ramona_optical_studs.JPG Ramona_optical_studs_side_view.JPG Ramona_stud_detail.JPG
  2. Why, Why, Why, Why Robyn? Why did you have to post this? ... What mI going to do now???? :confused1: You just had to post this pornographic pic of the most beautiful Ramona Ive seen ..... why why ???

    It is stunning!!!!
  3. Whoever buys this is automatically the PRESIDENT of our Handbags Anonymous chapter! :tup:

    Wow....what an amazing bag!!
  4. OK, how much does it cost? That's enough to shoo me away, I'm sure!

    The suede looks luscious. Good thing that I'm admittedly too irresponsible for suede. One of you should definitely get it so I can live vicariously through you!:tup:
  5. Wow! I heard studs were hot this fall and this proves it.
  6. OK, the List price on this baby is $4,995.00:choochoo: but just think, if you live in a state without a boutique, there is NO tax:yahoo:
  7. gris --you crack me up!!!!

    PURSE PORN :lol::lol::lol:
  8. OK....c'mon.....who bought one? Fess up!! :woohoo:

    Samantha? RobynBenz?
  9. Not me:nogood: I'm still waiting for my darn Rock:cursing:
  10. Not me either. I have never been to Vegas. If I had a trip planned I might think about it.
  11. Sorry Ladies, I have to admit, I really, really don't like this bag. For a LE I do have to give JC credit, they haven't over priced it.
  12. Gorgeous bag.
  13. Wow. What a beauty...:drool:
  14. the bag is on display in selfridges in london !
  15. That's ugly!