Limited Edition Plissé frame bag

  1. What do you think about this bag. although it is not selling much, which is something rare for a limited edition piece for BV.

    Description by Net-a-porter:
    Green plissé watersnake shoulder bag with a brown leather frame, base and adjustable strap with a gold hardware. Bottega Veneta bag has a strap fastening across top, a concealed press clasp opening on leather frame and a brown suede lined interior. Bag comes with a brown leather mirror

  2. personally I think it's adorable!
  3. For me, all of the special pieces by BV, especially those made of exotic skins are almost jewelry-like. They`re no plain bags but statements of fashion and luxury and this is one of these pieces! I love the emerald-like color and how it has such a feel of long passed times to it!
  4. Exquisite. It would be divine with a BV dress, but I think it would look equally chic with jeans, a well-tailored white blouse, and BV high-heeled sandals.
  5. Its beautiful. A great evening bag.
  6. That is an excellent way of putting it, the exotics are like jewels. I think the plissé bags are especially beautiful.
  7. I have seen it in person, and it is very beautiful, elegant, and delicate looking. Stunning bag with amazing craftsmanship.
  8. I think it's like a little work of art. The craftmanship is amazing.
  9. Distinctive and Stunning!
  10. Absolutely!! :yes: The craftsmsnship on this bag is exqusite, with all the pleating detail. The colour of the bag which I saw IRL was a stunning green/yellow, which is soooo luxe!
  11. It's stunning.
  12. Absolutely amazing! And I agree, a jewel of a bag!
  13. I love it!
  14. BV bags are truly works of art- and this one REALLY is something special!! I would love it for an evening bag!!
  15. I wonder why it's not selling? Price or some other factor? It's beautiful, but I usually look at practicality and this design wouldn't work for me. Very pretty, though!