Limited Edition Pink Hearts Chain flap bag

  1. Is this basically impossible to find now? I've been checking eBay to no avail :sad:

    Would love to find this for sale or resale somewhere :yes:
  2. They are hard to come by, but there were a couple of minis on eBay in the last few months!
    I was sure I would not find one, but lucky enough, I snagged mine just in time for Valentine's Day! Keep your eyes peeled - eBay is probably your best bet, and maybe some high end consignment stores.
  3. I would like this bag too!
  4. Ditto!!
  5. I saw it on ebay a few weeks ago, sooooo cute! Great chanel bag!
  6. i saw a hot pink one on ebay now.
  7. post some pics!
  8. Thanks a bunch for the ebay link!!!

    Oh yah--does anyone know what other colors the heart chain came in?

    Is the hot pink like a purple shade too? I cant tell from the pics since it looks like purple pink??
  9. The eBay one is gorgeous!
    The heart chain came in 2 sizes: mini and regular (med/large flap size). There were 4 colors: baby pink, fuschia (above auction), red and lavender (light purple).

    The fuschia definitely has some purply undertones.
  10. does this heart collection, or a variation of it, come out every valentine's day?
  11. It was from Valentines 2003 I think...not every Valentines had it (i wish heehee)

    btw--how did you girls search for this bag? When I do a search for "Chanel limited edition" or "Chanel heart chain" i couldnt find the listing...but the listing obviously exists... :smile:

  12. Hello! To find this listing, I Just put "Chanel" in the search box and looked through all the chanel items. It took a while to find:yes:
  13. humm.. the heart chain looks like a mimic of one of tiffany's bracelets. Or is it the other way around?