Limited Edition Pearl Reissue

  1. I believe Chanel in Chicago had a Pearl Reissue in their Glass case if anyone is looking........ I think it was a 226!
  2. thanks for sharing the info...
  3. Are you going to get one :nuts::nuts:
    That is a stunning bag!
  4. was tempted, but no.... :nogood:
    I'm just going to get one more bag before the price increase, and that would be it for a long while (or so I say...) ;)
  5. wonder how much is it?
  6. I believe it's $2995 for now...
  7. there was one in san francisco 2 days ago. they had some nice necklaces with charms on them.
  8. Saks at Chevy Chase, Md had one yesterday as well.
  9. I've seen the size 225 and the e/w style yesterday. Both gorgeous, expect for the price.
  10. :wtf:A pearl reissue??? Where can I see pics? :nuts:
  11. Here's mine:
    8.jpg 11.jpg 14.jpg
  12. OMG!!! :drool: