Limited Edition Patent Parker In Purple?

  1. I have asked about this in another thread, but I am desparate to hear that someone has a least SEEN this bag before. I am sitting here looking at it in a magazine and it states that it is exclusive to Nordstroms. Has anyone seen this bag? I want it so badly!!!:drool:

    I have been reading in here for a while but never posted. I love bags and I love this forum. I am so envious of the bags that some of you own. Really spectacular!!!
  2. I have not seen the patent Parker in purple before, but I have had (and returned) the Parker in patent gunmetal (another NM exclusive) I got a fantastic deal on it but all I can say is it was soooooo patenty and shiney that it was a little too much for me. Curious what the purple would look like though.

  3. Wait til Nunnla sees this...
  4. Just to prove this bag is real, and not just wishful thinking.....;)

    Here is the pic in the magazine....I NEED this bag :drool:


    MMMM nunnla...she got my purple Lucy on eBay about a week ago! LOL!
  5. Boy...that is really nice, for some reason it doesn't look too shiney in the pic! Gorgeous amethyst color. Thanks for showing it.

  6. have you tried ringing nordstorms?
  7. Wow, what a pretty purple color. I've checked the Nordstroms website and it's not listed yet, so I suspect it's still 'hot off the press'. I would give them a call and ask when they expect it in. As it's so new, it's possible that no one here has seen it yet, so you could be the first to get one.... make sure you report back to us, we're eager to know too!
  8. It may be an in-store only bag. I'd get a list of Nordstrom's numbers and start calling! I'd call the bigger city stores first. If you find one, let me know. I LOVE that color!
  9. I did call nordstrom's but the girl had not heard of the bag, she called several stores for me, and then called and left a message on my voice mail, stating maybe it would arrive in a few weeks and she would keep checking and let me know.

    I'm hoping this will be my special xmas present...:heart:
  10. That would be fabulous!!!
  11. Oh man, I am at work and can't see the bag, it is just a big X! Shoot, will have to check when I get home...Can't wait to see it! It sounds fabulous! :yes:
  12. Oh boy! Can you say yummy or what? I already own three purple bags and the Parker in Ink so I'll have to pass on this one but for anyone who doesn't have this colour in their wardrobe, it's a great shade for Fall! :yes:
  13. Oh, now I am home and can see the pic! Very pretty! I really like it!
  14. Oooh! I like it! For some reason, it doesn't look as patenty as the other Parkers and that appeals to me. Purples and violets are sure a hot hue this fall!
  15. Yo grace ... if you find it, let me know where to get it. I love the Parker, especially in patent and wear a lot of purple. This is a totally different purple than the plum Lucy.