Limited Edition numbers, NEW CABAT, please help

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  1. Hi to all Bottega lovers!!!
    My mother just gave me a bottega tote, the biggest one in braun, I think the name is CABAT...
    I´am much more into the HermÈs handbags, and my mother told me that was time to start carrying a real and not pretencious bag, well is much more masculine than the birkins, but I´m not so sure about the pretencious factor, for those who know fashion, but it´s just a mother with GOOD taste opinion...
    Well but the question is: Inside came this "pouchete" and it says limited edition, and there´s some numbers, I was wondering if some of you could help me with that, because I have no idea, so if I post the numbers will you be able to give any info?!? Because the Hermès forum as a special thread for that information, but with Hermès I´m already familiried with, but this is my Bottega "début"....
    I thank you in advance for your help/answers!:smile:
  2. Hi Vreelandia,

    I know absolutely nothing about BV. So I can't help you. But, it may also help if you can post a couple of photos of the Cabat. It may help some of the ladies here give you more information about the bag.
  3. Hi Vreelandia,
    Th numbers represent the the production number of the
    Cabat, My chevre ottone medium says 079/500, which means it is the 79th Cabat produced in a limited production of 500.

    BTW, I now use my Cabat every day as my regular bag. Inside I have little bags, cosmetic size and the sleeve pouche in baby pink, the the same size as th pouches that comes with the Cabat. Everything is in one of these pouchetes, and nothing falls out of the bag. It really works for me. So easy to find everything!
    I have many other BV bags, including the large Cabat in tan and a medium Cabat in black. ( never know what the official names of the colors are). I use th large Cabat as a gym bag. I feel so special when carrying it! No initials or logo, just a magnificent work of art.
    I feel as if i could carry a Cabat daily forever, nd just use the others on special occasions.
  4. Thank you so much! Oh yes they are TDF, the quality is amazing, birkin bags are so heavy and they give thendonitis, even to Jane Birkin, hahahaha, but the cabat is soooooooooooooooo lighttttttttt, I feel like I want to eat the leather :P, mine says:"(...)Lavorazione Fatta a Mano 7349 I 395", so I assume it´s the 395 of 7349?!?!
  5. I checked another Cabat. I bought it from the BV store in Wailea, Hawaii the first year the Cabats were made, mayber 4 years ago, I think.
    It says 7350 III 006. I really don't remember what they told me that means, but I know they never made 7349 of any Cabat! I think I will take it to the BV store in Beverly Hills the next time I'm there and ask my SA, Sonia.
  6. Thanks,
    then let me/us know;)
  7. Do you have any news?!?

  8. vreelandia-don't know about the numbers of your specific cabat but have you been using her and have you been enjoying the bag. i have been using mine exclusively and love it. hope you are enjoying her.
  9. Oh I love it... so chic, but I tend to use more my birkins, this is too floopy and large large large

  10. HELLO, I had a cabat in chocolate colour with the same limited number "7349 I 395"

    Had you sure authenticity of your cabat ? I am wondering for mine.

    Can you tell me what number in your authentic tag?

    Attached photos are the numbered plate and authentic tag in my cabat.
  11. do show us pictures of your cabats pls :drool: