Limited Edition - not at all

  1. Hi All.

    I'm such a big fan of Louis Vuitton and hopes to see myself working as SA in Copenhagen in a few years.
    Allthough it's my favorite brand, there still can be said: No one is perfect (or else I've just misunderstod the whole point of Limited edition) . I don't understand how/why old collection-lines such as: Groom still is able in the stores. I mean, I drove 500 km. to get to Louis Vuitton and buy some of the new (special) stuff which not a lot of persons have or would get. But see, it's been half a year and it's still in stores.

    Maybe I'm just pissed 'cause I had to use a lot of money I didn't had at the moment(It's called a creditcard and sweet bankadviser ) or am I right, that for us who do run like the wind to get these limited/special-itmes, we should get some kind of "credit" so others couldn't just buy it 6 months later..
  2. :shrugs: The number of Groom pieces is limited, even if you still find them in stores they are not making more. All LE items do not sell out immediatly,some Panda & Cerises pieces were still in store this year. I bought my groom stuff because I LOVE the little guy so it hasn't bothered me any that there a few items floating around out there.
  3. ^ actually Groom was seasonal & not LE, but it has run it's course & there will be no more produced.
  4. I think it's just called good marketing skills... LV tries its best to promote their items, but can't control how well their products will be actually sold or how popular they'll be in the minds of consumers. Also, LV will never give any type of "credit" for things like this imo, actually no company would cuz we're in a capitalist society... Meh, sour grapes I guess....
  5. Groom, as taco said, is seasonal. Even the Miroir Speedys/Papillons, which are rarer than Groom items, are considered "seasonal".

    You want LE? Try getting your hands on a Miroir Lockit then. :biggrin:
  6. ^
    It all boils down to hit and miss. It's like anything fashion. Even if VOGUE tells you that something is OMG HOT! adn "limited", if no one wants it, it'll be readily available for a long time. Your best bet for truly limited items are only the runway items, as these are produced for one season and very limited amounts and are also sold on sale to emplyees by the end of the season, in most cases, unless they are continued (like vernis, tobago) will be gone quickly.
  7. :yes: