limited edition mirage speedy?

  1. hey guys and girls! i am new over here, and was wondering if anyone knew any stores that might still have the bordeaux limited edition Mirage Speedy 30?? i am pretty desperate so if anyone knows anything at all i would be very thankful for any info!

    oh and here::flowers:
  2. anyone?? :sad:
  3. Im sorry, I think it is sold out, you could call 1866vuitton and ask them, Good luck, I love the bag myself
  4. I'm pretty sure as well that they are sold out in stores.

    However, you never know .... so like sjunky13 suggested, call the 866# and ask them if they can locate one for you.

    Good Luck!! :flowers:
  5. Ya just give 1866 a call.
  6. let us know if u get it...:tup: and pics too
  7. Yes, please let us know if you get it and post pics!!! That's such a gorgeous bag!
  8. There might be a few floating around - you never know. Call 1-866. Good luck!
  9. I think you have a slightly better chance of finding the bordeaux than the noir, but think they are sold out in stores. I have been in quite a few LV stores lately (holiday travel, etc.) and don't remember seeing even one on display. Think one tPF member just found a bordeaux in St. Thomas?
  10. I think most stores all over the world are sold out!
  11. Please let us know how if you get one! I sooo don't blame you for being desperate though. It's my 'special occasions' go-to bag!
  12. I believe they are all gone. When I got my noir Mirage Speedy, my SA told me it was the last one, period. A girl that I sort of know was told the same thing about the bordeaux. I'd try asking the SA's at your local store to try to locate one, but frankly you will probably have better luck on eBay.
  13. eBay... but get it authenticated here first!
  14. YES...double check again and again :tup: lot of fakes..:cursing:
  15. I think they're gone. I had mine the other night and my SA said I was so lucky to get it. They have people calling all the time and they're gone.