Limited Edition Metallic Dior Gaucho with Stainless Steel Strap

  1. I was wondering, how many of you lovelies out there own the LE metallic (comes in army green with gold stainless steel hw and pearl white with silver hw) gauchos?? :love::heart:

    How much did you guys get them for and how do you find them?

    I hardly bring her out to use cause i find the steel strap incredibly uncomfortable (it cuts into my skin if i wear sleeveless tops) and i don't know what to do with her! I got her in Monaco last year when I was at their trunk show (i don't know whether it was on impulse or what, but it's such a beautiful bag!).

    Tell me what you think! :smile:
  2. To tell you the truth I don't think any of us have the gaucho with the metal strap.

    Someone did enquire whether the strap was uncomfortable though.

    If you don't use it but still love the gaucho then it may be beneficial to sell it and get a standard gaucho that you will probably use regularly.
  3. ^ really? oh dear. i didn't know she's so unpopular?

    i think she's really beautiful, in her pearl shade of white.

    i get compliments wherever i go, but the strap's just uncomfortable.

    i don't know what to do with her! my mom thinks i should find her a lovely owner (unlike me :sad: )
  4. I don't think it's unpopular ;) but did wonder how comfortable that strap would be.

    I agree with your mum :yes:, see they do know everything ;)
  5. yes, indeed. moms really do know everything! i just can't submit to that fact lol as much as i hate to admit it, my mom's just amazing. she told me i shouldn't have bought her since i wouldn't use her much, i'm more on the practicality side and not a fan of metallic leather, i should have passed up on her so someone else who loves her alot more than i do could've gotten her. bahhh! i feel so so so terrible!
  6. Is this the same as yours except silver?

    I quite like it.

  7. ^ yes! but that's another version. mine's the hobo style. it's really divine in person, you know!
  8. oooh, I remember that bag from ads. Beautiful but never saw irl. I did see the gold one that someone posted below but was not a fan of how the leather looked/felt. Seemed almost kind of fake.

    If you don't love it/use it, sell it and get something new!
  9. Chrystalline has one and she had beautiful shoes to go with the bag but she hasnt been online for ages...i dont remember her complaining about the bag though ! :nogood:
  10. ^^ yup chrystalline has one, if you searched for the threads she started in the dior subforum, you'll definitely see her thread of the gaucho (along with the fab matching shoes. :drool:)

    if i remember correctly, she said the bag was heavier than the regular gaucho but otherwise, no real complaints about it.

    i'm wondering if it's possible to insert some cushioning under the straps (concealed) just to make carrying it around more comfortable.
  11. ^ i don't know! sorry lovelies, i'm always on chanel and balenciaga lol i'm hardly ever on dior forum. in actual fact, that limited edition gaucho is my only dior bag! lol it's so fab how i have my first dior as an LE , it is one of the most gorgeous things i ever see but the strap cuts! it'll make a lovely dinner bag though, you think?


    hmmm who cares about cut hands if u have such a beauty hihi ? j/k but i would really try antyhing to be able to carry it around...beautiful :drool:
  13. ^ oh merci beaucoup mademoiselle! i went to see it and it's exactly like mine! i don't have the shoes though, not really my style, i prefer loubs :smile: hehe.

    yeah it'll be a dinner bag for me then! i don't think i wanna sell my first ever dior bag for memoir reasons! she's really TDF. i'll take piccies of her when i bring her out! xoxo

  14. oh mais de rien, ma cherie ! ;) which louboutins will you wear with her ? :drool: another Dior metallic gaucho shoes on the pic :yes:
    gauchopumps1.JPG gauchopumps2.JPG
  15. ^ oooh! tres jolie! i would wear them for work, in the future i see! i wear my patent black miss boxe wedges or very prive platform heels with my gaucho..

    will take a photo of them loubs with my bag when i go out in the future!! xoxo

    ppssttt.. how much did you pay ? hehe