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    Sure, It’s Ugly, if You Can Get It

    [​IMG] Photographs by Firstview; Tony Cenicola/ The New York Times (lipstick)
    BUBBLEGUM PINK A limited edition lipstick made by Lancôme for a Proenza Schouler show is now a collector’s item.


    Published: April 12, 2007
    BUBBLEGUM pink lipstick would seem an unlikely candidate for the must-have cosmetic of the season. The color is infantilizing and clownlike.
    But in late February, when Lancôme presented Proenza Pink, a chalky shade created for the spring fashion collection of Proenza Schouler, the lipsticks sold out online within 24 hours. Bricks-and-mortar stores like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman sold out in March.
    Part of the lipstick’s cachet is its limited edition: only 2,000 units were produced.
    Like designer handbags that come in editions of no more than several hundred, limited-run cosmetics are intended to stoke consumer desire and generate press coverage. But Proenza Pink has been inciting an unexpected backlash among bloggers, who alternately complain that the color is unwearable and unobtainable.
    A blog called Dontchaloveit likened the lipstick color to Pepto-Bismol. Stylesmart.blogspot, declared “it does look like something your overtanned Florida grandmother might wear.” And Thenonblonde complained, “Bubblegum pink is bad enough, but who can wear something so very pale and still look alive?”
    Proenza Pink, however, was not intended for mass appeal. It is a fashion color, part of the Lancôme Pout-à-Porter series: limited-run lipsticks created with a clothing designer for a specific season’s catwalk show and sold at retail for a fashion-centric audience.
    And it is not the only hot lip product of spring. In keeping with what seems a candy-color Lolita trend, MAC Cosmetics has a limited collection called Barbie Loves MAC. A number of items from the collection sold out online, including Rocking Chick, a frosted fuchsia lipstick; and Malibu Barbie, a fuchsia gloss,.
    A number of bloggers took umbrage at the product unavailability, including Fakinggoodbreeding, a fashion and beauty blog by a junior at Smith named Meg, who posted a commentary titled “Why I Hate Limited Editions.”
    She writes, “If most consumers are priced out of the trendiest, most fashionable clothes, it’s not fair for a mass market company to turn around and use limited-edition products to deny those of us who aren’t high profile or have the right connections.”
    For those still seeking an It lipstick for spring, however, all is not lost. This week, MAC is making more of the Barbie lip shades available on And for those who must have Proenza Pink, a few are still for sale on eBay. Last week one sold for $61 (plus shipping).
  2. The Barbie Loves MAC thing was crazy. A lot of the items sold out within hours of it going live online. The only thing that I missed out on was the Rocking Chic lipstick. I don't think that I would be able to wear it anyway, so I will pass on trying get one. I did get the Malibu Barbie lipgloss and that is bright enough for me.
  3. I personally loved this collection, being a mac lover. The other day mac online had most everything available. including rocking chic and malibu barbie, and most of their eye shadows. Don't pay those crazy prices on eBay they are still available you just have to look.
  4. ^^ ITA, the MAC website re-stocked almost everything this past week (including the VHTF MAC Barbie). Last time I looked you could still get most of the eyeshadows, both blushes, one beauty powder shade, and the Rocking Chick lipstick (the other lipsticks sold out fast even though it was re-stock).
    I don't know... I kind of like LEs for makeup, just like my Vuittons! Keeps things fresh and exciting in the fashion and beauty world!
  5. rocking chic is still obtainable online as of 6pm tonight..............on the mac website........