Limited Edition LVs

  1. Is there a thread for the limited edition LVs? Not the limited editions we have (as in the clubhouse) but what may be available.
  2. well.. i guess you started one!!
  3. Yeah :lol: I guess you did :smile:
  4. OK, let's get it started. I don't want to copy pictures from other PF'ers without their permission. I will do a few searches. I really love the LEs although most are out of my price range.:nuts:
  5. Well maybe we should start a list?

    I can think of a couple off the top of my head:

    Conte de Fées
    Cherry Blossom
    Perfo (altho it didn't get as much luv as the other ones!)

    There's a gazilion more I'm sure but I thought I'd take a crack at it. :yes:
  6. The ever lovely Mizi Vienna!
  7. Oops! Forgot LV Charms Chains (the Vinyl-scarf style back in '05 ??)
  8. The tweed line, Cerises
  9. The Franges (speedy, bucket and pouchette)
  10. OOh Panda of course and groom!