Limited Edition LV bags...feeeling guilty! :(

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  1. Hello!
    so i am very lucky enough to own two limited edition pieces the Monogramoflauge and Watercolor in speedy 35s but i feel super aweful and guilty for not using them as much as my regular LVs :sad:
    i have only used them both, total of 3 times! the vachetta on them are still white, maybe slight patina...but Aaah! also, another reason for not using them as much is the fact that they are limited edition and no longer being produced, and that i want to keep them in good shape and sort of i guesss "preserve" them?

    for all you ladies with limited edition bags, do u feel guilty for not using them reguarly?
    and what reason do u have for not using them?

    and what kind of limited edition bags do u all have? :smile:
  2. I actually use one of my limited edition bags the most! The speedy cube is a favorite of mine and I wear her everywhere...I know what you mean, though--especially with the bags that have vachetta--I sold my roses speedy for this very reason...I did feel guilty owning that bag and rarely using it:smile:
  3. Why don't you just use them? What are you waiting for? Life is short.
  4. I find EVERY opportunity to use my LE bags. Esp my Biker . It brings a smile on my face esp on a bad day! For that reason, my regular epi speedy has been "sidelined"... Kind of regret getting her now. Hey OP, why dun u use yr monocameo speedy? It's so gorgeous!
  5. You are not alone on this...I am in the same boat as you!....I own a few limited pieces- rose speedy, eclipse speedy, nightbird pochette, cherry blossom pochette and sadly they do spend most of the time in dustbags on my shelf.....even tho I do not use them like my regular bags I cannot part with them and cherish owning them....I think I do this with lots of things not only my biggest ticket hardly used item is my car...I drive my beater car and leave my super bee at my bags it has low mileage and even has the new car smell inside and its a 2007 with 8000 miles now...I at times feel guilty when someone asks me if i have used my fancy purses but I cherish them and cannot bring myself to use them daily like my regular lv bags....its like keeping the magic in them kinda thing....when I drive my super bee I have the shakey knees like the car was bought that day....i love that...same when I even bring out my fancy bags just to look takes my breath away...
  6. I have 5 LEs and 1 that isn't LE but was only produced for a short time. I don't use any of them. But I'm not sure why not.
  7. I kinda get your feeling, but I would say go ahead and use it!
    Those babies probably are sad since you hardly take them out for a spin! :P
  8. I have an eclipse and I rarely use it, It is just is so special i just don't use it and it seems a real shame. Also though I am not happy taking it on public transport so it narrows it down even more. My husband bought it for me knowing it would be the best thing ever (which it was when I received it) but it doesnt get used as much as my other bags.....isn't it strange the thing i aspired to i don't real use!?!
  9. That's probably one of the reasons why I don't really splurge on LE items. I know they're pretty to look at but I'm afraid that to me they'll just be for staring and not using? I do have my eye on a few pre-loved LE items w/o vachetta so I'm certain they will have some use to me.
  10. I think, most of us own more than 'a few' LVs (or none LV designer handbags) that most of our bags sat in their dustbags unused... so... LE or not, we just own more than we can use... SO WHAT! We love them, we buy them, we keep them...
  11. I love so many of the LE bags but I try to buy only bags I know I will use. I've sold off the ones I don't use to buy new ones.
  12. I LOVE my LE and use them all!!!!! I have 12.
  13. I have the eclipse Alma that I only used twice and Eden speedy I used once.
  14. I never bought an LE I dont know why but regret not getting a speedy camouflage(so in right now) and speedy cube.

    Use your bags if you are guilty. I have many bag I never use.
  15. Don't bother feeling guilty just use them and enjoy them! As long as you don't abuse them they will be fine. You spent all that money and it is a shame to just let them sit in the dustbag kwim?!