Limited Edition Luggage set, new!

  1. HI guys,

    This set was a colabo between MJ and the maker of the movie "Darjeeling Limited". I wish they would have actually come out with this because it is pretty cool. And the lime green interior, TDF! Anyhow here are the pics. I am in the process of getting all my luggage pieces painted and numbered just like this. LV has a price for everything and yes you can even get your soft sided luggage painted regardless of the the 866 people say! Enjoy!:nuts:
    1462954565_1ed7761028.jpg 1463809216_3b8200c389.jpg 1463809380_af5e6fc054.jpg 1463810088_d189ab6782.jpg 1463810394_53e2701fda.jpg
  2. that's cool ... thanks for sharing!
  3. Cool!!! love the painting! thanks for the info!
  4. is that leather??
    looks really cool
  5. ^^^ it looks like nomade, cute lol, I kind of want it...
  6. Wow, that looks really cool! Thanks for sharing...
  7. i think there was already a thred posted...
  8. I love the keepall, it looks great, I hope they make something like this in the future :smile:
  9. It's a cute design, but I don't see myself carrying it......
  10. I like that, it looks cute. I love zebras.
  11. I think its soooo cute,but its more of a child motif...but still cute.
  12. Wow, I love that!!!
  13. Interesting, it's nice to see actual pics of it! Thanks for posting.
  14. How cute !
  15. I have to say, I am not in LoVe!