Limited Edition Keepall

  1. Hi guys,

    First of all: Happy Holidays!!


    I was wondering.


    There was the grafitti keepall, the cerises, the etc...

    When is there FINALLY a new limited ed. coming out?
    In a keepall that is...

    Any updates? I really don't like the waterproof, and I would want one in mono but with stuff on it :smile:

    Also, what would be funny and extravagant to custom paint on my other mono keepalls? I would be THRILLED to hear your brilliant ideas!


    Let the blabbering begin... xxxx
  2. Hiya
    I havent heard anything yet about there being any new LE keepalls yet but then again my SA's don't get told anything until the last minute :push:
    I would have liked to have seen a Panda Keepall , But who knows! i'm sure MJ has something thought up for next year.
    Just keep asking your SA if they know anything!
    Happy holidays!
  3. I haven't heard of any updates either... though I do hope more great styles like Graffiti will come out soon. :yes:
  4. my sa has written down my request and will hold me anything that will come out if I would like it, but I have the feeling there's not going to come out a keepall like those soon....
  5. I think there will possibly be a keepall in the monogram camoflage, most items made with MJ and Takashi include keepall, so when we get more news waitlist :smile:
  6. never heard or seen the camouflage... sounds interesting :smile:
  7. me neither, i am so out of the loop