Limited Edition - Juicy Couture Barbie

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  1. $98 !!!
  2. Barbies are being played with by younger and younger girls. Is Juicy something we want to promote to 5 year olds? Not mine, thank you very much!
  3. I was contemplating getting these for my little sister, but she has enough dolls. They would match her juicy bowler though. btw are those new ones or the ones that have been out for a while?
  4. Cute! Does a little sister ever have enough dolls?
  5. it's been out for a while, i think they came out early this year, (yes i'm also a barbie collector hah!) i guess none of you have seen the chinese lingerie barbies made out of silkstone? those can go for A LOT of money on ebay.
  6. hahaha yes, too many dolls, not enough bags. I'd rather build her handbag collection:lol: :love:
  7. I can see that! Get her an adorable Juicy bag!!! You seem to have great taste in bags yourself I know you could handle that mission.
  8. hehe already have :biggrin: I'm not too fond of Juicy but she likes it. I prefer her in Dior, trying to get her to switch!
  9. ^^ How old is she?
  10. 6 :love: :biggrin:
  11. Cute! I always liked to give my Barbies make-overs. AKA cut their hair off. It never looked how I wanted, possibly because their hair is in a bunch of random plugs so I always had really creepy looking Barbies. That is when my parents decided to stop getting me collector edition anything...
  12. Such a cute age! Wish my daughter was 6 again. Call Dior and have them make a baby Dior just for her!
  13. i had a mini red dior boston bag. really cute. i also had the big version of it too. that would have been cute for her.
  14. hehe I usually find something in the baby dior section to get her:love: I swear, the clothing is just so adorable! I like the actual baby stuff too, lluckily for me there is another baby girl in the family and she'll be getting a ton!:lol: :biggrin: