Limited edition Fendi Montclair Spy bag?

  1. hey ladies,

    i was listening to the radio, Z100 this morning, and they were talking about the new limited edition Fendi Montclair Spy bag...supposedly its $2100, and coming out in Nov 2006? i havent seen it and cant find pics of it anywhere...does anyone know about it? please post pics!! thanks!
  2. Oooh can't wait to see.
  3. I Know what it is ..ITS a MONCLER Spy bag..My Fendi SA told me that next month in collaboration with the down ski coat company(MONCLER)...Fendi is making DOWN FABRIC SPY BAGS....Im a tad scared to see them..LOL...sounds weird as heck..LOLLOLLOL.
  4. they are making a spy out of down fabric?? wow...ur right, i am scared to see it too!!!

    im dying for pics though...hhahahahaa
  5. ^YEP..The Fendi SA was like...hmmmmm...too..LOL!!!
    Sounds like it could double as a travel pillow..LMBO!!!HEE!HEE!
  6. you mean this one?
  7. omg, is that it???? wow..amazing, is this it? i have NO IDEA bc i never seen it! how did u find the pic?

    it looks pretty....interesting..hahaha....i think its pretty but the fact that its down fabric does make it kinda..intriguing, doesnt it? hehhee

    thanks so much for the pic!!
  8. Your welcome. I got it from NY Times. I think it's kinda too puffy but I've never seen it in real life so I could be wrong. Just looking at the pic, I think there are better limited ed spy bags.

  9. yea, i TOTALLY agree...there are defintely better looking limited edition spy bags!
  10. no likey.:sad:

  11. It looks like a spy made of garbage bags.
  12. I don't like it.
  13. ^Like I said..Anyone need a travel pillow...LMAO.....
  14. I like it in a sick, twisted kind of way. Would never pay that much for it, especially if it means forgoing a lovely leather spy. But it's kinda fun, a la michelin tire man mates with Matrix lady.
  15. Wow ... looks pretty bloated :s