Limited edition, Display items

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  1. This is further to the Limited Edition thread.....
    I'm very annoyed. I want "Veruca Salt tantrum" a Miroir cosmetic pouch. Silver preferably.
    The Melbourne store has one on display. But oh no - they don't have any to sell because they were limited to around Valentine's Day. According to the CS 1300 lady.

    Why do they display items you can't buy - that are actually no longer available? I know people will have touched it - and it could be faded ever so slightly due to the lights - but I want one! What do they do with display pieces?

  2. they most likely sell it to their employees.
  3. Hahahaha Veruca Salt :lol:

    In my experience, from what I've been told by SAs, if they only have the one item in stock and it happens to be the display piece, it cannot be removed to be sold because of visual merchandising guidelines. It can only be sold when it's time for a VM change and that particular item is no longer needed for display. Perhaps contact the store again and ask to be notified when that item comes off display?
  4. I would contact the store as I know here they have only one miroir case, hearts on display and they are all for sale:tup:
  5. I was wondering about this too. My store had the runway sample of the bon bon on display. I kind of wanted to get it because its quite different from one the one they actually produced but I figured they wouldn't sell, so I didn't ask then another day I was offered an item that was on display in the window, so I guess it depends on how limited the items really are?
  6. i saw a miroir case by me, in jersey but if you are in another county i dont think they will ship to you..
  7. That is the weirdest thing I've heard, allthough it's understandable if its in the window and not just up for comon display. Did you request for being put on a list?
  8. Hmmm, I posted a reply in this thread and its disappeared. If you spot it somewhere ridiculous just ignore it!

    I was at the store the other day and saw it in the display cabinet that is the counters. I was just leaving and running late so I thought I'd just call and enquire.
    The problem is that I can't speak to the store direct. They have no phone numbers listed. I can only speak to the girls at the CS 1300 number. They have all said that you can't buy display pieces.

    I won't get back there for another few weeks. Maybe I'll tackle it from a visual merchandising angle........
    You know if they aren't going to sell the display models which may be the last items in the LV real world. Then people are going to keep buying and reselling second hand pieces. so they will never ever be rid of the 'black market trade".
  9. So strange...
  10. thanks for the info. Good to know.
  11. i wish some boutique will stick to this guideline, i've received display, 'handled
    ' bags from out of state charge send.....each time my boutique won't even let me do an exchange, had to pay out of pocket for return s&h:hysteric:
  12. Really? I know my pomme cosmetic pouch was on display and they sold it to me
  13. LV on 5th ave in NYC said everything on display can be sold...:tup:
  14. It's very interesting that the policy is not the same across the board, but then again, most companies are like that. ;)