Limited Edition De Passage a Paris Scarf

  1. Good deeds and luxury go hand-in-hand with the limited-edition De Passage a Paris scarf by Hermes. Indulge yourself for a good cause with this fluid silk scarf, printed with a vintage map of Paris and trimmed in shades of fuchsia and grape. The scarf also features the brand's signature horse icon and is emblazoned with an Hermes stamp. All proceeds go to charity Little Sisters of the Poor. Started in 1839 in France, this charity now serves more than 31 countries, including Hong Kong, by providing homes and care for underprivileged and elderly citizens. The scarf (HK$2,600) will be available from 1st July at all Hermes boutiques.

    And I just bought one! :yahoo:
  2. Pic please! ;)

    I wonder if they are going to do a London one, I'd be the first in line for that one.
  3. That's lovely!
  4. is this a different Passage de Paris?
  5. Here's more pics.... :graucho:
    DSC00158.JPG DSC00159.JPG DSC00161.JPG
  6. It seems to have the charity stamp
  7. Very nice.... I'm all for killing two birds with one stone... I'd get one.
  8. Uh oh! Another one for my must have list.
  9. Yes, there's a charity stamp on the bottom right end of the scarf.

    Its for a good cause and I get such a beautiful scarf!!
  10. I love the color combination! Thanks for the update.
  11. Thank you for posting, crabtreemeeko.
  12. does anyone know how much it costs in US dollars?
  13. oh dear, then it is tax deductible!!????
    The color is just splendid.

    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing!!
  14. that is a beautiful color! wow

    I have a Paris one...just doesn't have the stamp on the bottom right...but its the same print I think?

  15. Yes it is tax deductible... how wonderful right? ;)