Limited edition chanel versus classic chanel?

  1. On Christmas Eve, I bought myself a grey jersey small bubble quilt flap. It is absolutely gorgeous and I have been lusting after one for quite some time. I wanted a bag that looked classic, both with the ability to be casual and dressy depending on what I wore, and to also be an investment piece (so that it would hopefully hold its value, or be of interest to collectors in the future if ever I needed to sell).

    However, once I had bought it, and after getting a large guilt trip from both my mum and boyfriend, I am now wondering if I have made the right choice?

    The jersey bag didnt cost that much less than a leather classic flap bag - and the SA told me that this is because the particular jersey bag that I have bought is limited edition.

    So my question is - what do you consider to be most sought after?

    A limited edition chanel or a timeless piece such as a classic flap or 2.55?

  2. Hi Neenabengal1 :smile:

    Personally I consider the most sought after to be the classic flap and the 2.55. I have bags fr both the classic lines as well as fr the ltd edition lines and I like them all for different reasons.

    I say get a bag, Chanel or otherwise, only if it truly makes your heart sing and you know is a keeper! :smile:
  3. Tough question, re sought after! Its hard to know when a new bag comes into store if its going to be really popular or not. Just being a LE isnt always enough to make it a most wanted bag.

    There is no question that the regular flap is more "classic", but it does sound like you did your homework and found a bag that you could dress up, but just as importantly, dress down and use casually too.

    Its a tough call, I tried the bag you just purchased on, and adored it, but I already have some flaps, so I was maybe looking at it, in a different perspective.

    Is it possible for you to take the bag with you, and try some flaps on. That way atleast you will know for sure which is the better bag for you :smile:
  4. I don't know what to tell you. Ultimately, you have to love the bag. While I personally go for more classic bags (love the flaps!) it sounds like you love this bag.

    Now, if you did it just b/c it was a bit cheaper then I think you may want to think about which one you really want. I'd go out and try the flaps on and compare to see what you feel is more you. There is no right or wrong answer here, you just need to love whatever bag you're going to keep.
  5. why not play with the bag and the rest of your wardrobe then you will know for sure if its worth the bucks

  6. I agree with Chanelbaby.
    I think both types of bags have a place in your life, but you're the one who has to be happy with your decision.
  7. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment.

    I do really love this bag - I am going to take your advice and play 'dress ups' tomorrow with my wardrobe. :tup:
  8. I agree.