Limited Edition chanel & beautiful dark green bag help please?

  1. So I bought these two bags yesterday (including a Balenciaga bag which I posted in that forum) but I have noo idea what they're called or anything about them. I bought these both at the Chanel boutique (one at NM the other at Saks).. I know one of them is limited but any help would be appreciated :biggrin:

    Bag 1:

    Bag #2:

  2. bag 1 is from the Paris New York ligne (which is very popular and sold out so you're very lucky!). i believe it's the bowler? what does it say on the price tag?

    bag 2 is called the 'tie' bag. my dad almost got that for me but i didn't really like the long straps idea so i passed up on it. what you've got is in an amazing color though!
  3. Oh wow! I love that second bag! The color is amazing, and a very neat design- congrats!
  4. The price tag of the white bag doesn't say what kind of bag it is.. It just says Chanel handbag :sad:..

    And for the second bag, you're sure its called the tie bag? I can't find any information on it..

    Thanks so much :smile:
  5. ^ yep my SA told me it's the tie bag. i've seen it in black and off white but not in this color. it's amazing!
  6. sorry I'm no help, but the 1st bag is amazing! love the shape and the leather is beautiful! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. the top is the paris new york carry-on (hence the PNY plaque).
  8. i love both, congrats~ are the long tsraps removable on the dark green bag?
  9. Ah! The Paris/New York bag, so beautiful. *sigh*:love:

    Did you get that on sale?
  10. they're soo pretty!
  11. I love the both your bags. very beautiful! Congrats!
  12. I love the green of the second one
  13. Thanks for all of the comments :smile:. The long straps aren't removable on the green Chanel & the Paris/NY carry on I did get on sale :X
  14. LOVE your bags - they are STUNNING!
    Enjoy and congrats on your new beauties!
  15. I absolutely LOVE the paris/NY bag!!