Limited Edition bottega veneta stingray bag

  1. i've never been the biggest BV fan but this bag is just gorgeous......i love the color and the shape, but most of all the beautiful texture of this bag.....the handles are to die for and the fact that it's limited edition doesn't hurt either......


    own this beauty for $4550 from NAP
  2. It's pretty, but looks very delicate to me! The price is pretty painful too!
  3. I love the green! It's beautiful, but too expensive :wacko:
  4. i like the cocker bag better. but it's cute!
  5. Like that colour. The bag looks very 'luxe' and soft.
  6. That is just beautiful :biggrin:
  7. Wow! It's gorgeous! Love the springy!
  8. It's beautiful but too expensive.
  9. How interesting! I find exotic skins very--well--exotic. I'm not sure the shape appeals to be, but the skin of the handbag does. I haven't had any experience with stingray. Is it delicate or is it sturdy?
  10. So gorgeous, it's a little small though.
  11. So gorgeous!