limited edition boston bag

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  1. Hello,

    I am planning to purchase a Gucci Boston bag, but i want something more special. How often does Gucci makes a special edition boston bag? Do they make the special edition ones to celebrate each big events (e.g christmas, valentine, etc) or just whenever?
    Also, does anyone know when they might release a new ltd edition boston?

    Thank you for your help! :smile:
  2. They do have Lmt Ed from time to time but in a way all Gucci's bags are limited edition because once they're gone they're gone ;)
  3. OP- do you mean like the Gucci NY bag that came out when the Gucci store in NY opened? Gucci has done a Unicef bag where a % of that collection goes to unicef- I think those collections come out at the end of the year.
  4. Papertiger - That's true! I totally agree with you that Gucci bags are limited edition in a way.. That's why i love Gucci! ;)

    Miamialli Yes - i want a LE Boston bags such as the Tattoo boston, Valentine (the one with hearts.. i regretted that i didnt buy this one before), etc.
  5. Gucci also makes limited edition bostons for store openings like the Dragon bag for Shanghai store (one member here was lucky enough to have it!) and the Union Jack boston for the Sloane store opening. Then there was those very limited orchid bostons that were only available in Singapore. There was the children's book author one too last year with the snowman in africa theme - I was surprised none of those ended up during their seasonal sales. They must've been very limited in numbers. Sometimes they do go on sale during the May/June or Nov/Dec sales like the valentine and the tattoo ones.

    I think the only way of getting these limited edition bags now is through ebay or bonanzle.
  6. I'm selling my gucci boston limited edition tattoo..can anyone let me know where to sell it?
  7. I recently checked out their website and saw that there's a Boston vintage LE, it's for the benefit of some organization, I think Unicef if I'm not mistaken. So anyway it's really adorable it's light pink! I wanted to purchase it! The problem is that it might be really hard to maintain coz of the light color :sad:
  8. help me!! do you think I still need to sell my boston tattoo limited edition or just keep it?
  9. Why do you want to sell it?
  10. I got the Limited Edition Joy Boston, when the Sydney Flagship Store opened. It is a gorgeous boston, and there was only a limited number made. Each bag made has a number in it as well.

    If you can get your hand on a boston when a new flagship store opens, i highly recommend it, else there is a Unicef Boston that is limited edition and exclusive out now.
  11. :heart: this! papertiger rocks!!!!! :hugs:
  12. Hi OP & fellow tPFers, I wonder if you guys saw the Boston with the stars on them. (GG Supreme Stars) I'm pretty sure it was released fairly recently. (Might be part of the Cruise 2013 Collection) On the Gucci site it says "pink leather trim" and on the Saks site it says "antique rose".
    I'll add in the direct links for it too if you guys are interested.


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  13. I saw the unicef ones before...they were nice and not very flashy designs and u can feel good and do good!
  14. Oooh is that the boston white handle with elephants on its canvas????! I loveeee that :heart:
  15. Hi All
    I am new to Gucci also...I'm hoping you can please help?

    I'm weighing up the Jackie Hobo in Nubuck...versus the Boston Unicef bag. I know they are totally different but here is what I see as the pro's and con's.

    The Jackie is timeless, chic and the nubuck will be hard wearing. However, it is a smaller bag whilst fitting you essentials well. Good structure and verstatile in terms of carrying by hand or on the shoulder.

    The Boston is really stiff and I think (?) will hold it's shape well because of the leather type? Can someone please share their experience with this? I like the top zip, the small handles for carrying, the versatility of the shoulder strap too...

    But...which bag will serve me better in the long run????

    I look forward to hearing from you all