Limited Edition Blue / Turquoise Theda

  1. Hi Girls

    I am thinking of selling my blue / turquoise theda. I have not used ebay and have no track record. So if I sell on ebay, most people will not buy...How does one sell if you have no feedback:Push:
  2. That's a tough one.
    Maybe you can consign it to someone like a poupette reseller or someone that's a member of ALVA?
    Not sure what kind of cut they take.
    I know that trendymom does consignment
  3. fashionphile will sell for you too. She is very well known for her LV items.
  4. thanks girls....I will try and contact them to discuss terms and procedures...
  5. Good luck and keep us posted!!!:biggrin:
  6. if you go to they have a link that you can consign your bag to.

  7. oh my gosh they take 30%...that insane:sad:
  8. so do most consignment shops.
  9. i see you're in LA! i can sell for you if you'd like (i'm in OC). i do it for my coworkers all the time. :smile:
  10. thanks;)

    what are the costs and terms and conditions?
  11. i just take 10% for myself, and you pay the ebay fees/etc. we can discuss more in PM if you'd like.
  12. do you have pics? i'd love to see what a blue theda looks like...i haven't seen one before!
  13. okay cool....lets talk via pm.
  14. :angel:OH MYY...That's gorgeous!!

    The Turquiose Goat Suede Theda is my most favorite bag...of alll

    I'm dying..