Limited Edition Basket Items Sold Seperately!!!

  1. I called my SA today to inquire about a beach towel. Well there is a perfume print beach towel that is available in the $1600 Limited Edition Straw basket. My SA said that all of the items in the basket have a style # (and can be bought on their own) but she couldn't find a style # for the beach towel or the bronzer. So she called Customer Service to find out if the beach towel can be bought seperately & CS is looking into it. She is going to call me back later if they can find a style # for it & can be sold seperately. There is also a perfume print hand towel that is $88.00.

    Just thought I would let you guys know that, because I thought you had to buy the set in order to get the sunglasses, hat, coin purse etc... I only hope that the beach towel can be bought on its own because I really want it!!! :yahoo:
  2. That's so cool! Thanks for the info! Do you by any chance know the style number of that coin purse? Thanks!
  3. what about the sunglasses.. i'm totally wanting those.. bronzer i like but could live w/out
  4. Thanks AddictedtoCoach for that info! I did call my SA again and she is going to call me back later with the info I asked about. I love those sunglasses too, but I just got the Keri's at PCE and don't need another pair.
  5. i just want the sunglasses!

    but, eh, a handtowel for $88? that's a bit much for something you wipe your dirty hands on...
  6. Thanks for the information-
  7. I want those sunglasses too.
    Shoot, who am I kidding, I want the whole dag on purse/basket!!!!!
  8. I talked to Coach Customer Service tonight & the lady there told me that the Beach Towel (style #98131) will be available to order in April. She said that it is $88.00. I asked if it was a hand towel and she said "no", it's a beach towel! I forgot to ask about the Sunglasses (two of my kids were fighting, so I just wanted to get off the phone). I will have to call back later & ask about them.
  9. Okay, just got off the phone with my SA & the Beach Towel can be ordered NOW!! :yahoo: I just ordered it & with the PCE discount is was around $77.00. I will post pics when I get it!
  10. Yay! Thanks for the information!

    I can live without the bronzer too.
    Beach + suntan = au naturalle.
  11. Congrats! I would love to see the pics when you get it!! I really want that coin purse, but the price.....
  12. i REALLY wanted someone to pop up with this good news, so YAY! I don't know if i'll be able to get my hands on anything of this line before it all runs out, but i'm SO excited for everyone who will (if i don't lol)

    the pieces are so cute... when ppl start getting them, i want pix! yay!

    :party: :dothewave: :party:

    TOTAL collectables!
  13. I love the sunglasses!! So cute!